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Pete's building a new tower of cards starting with a wide base, and doesn't seem to be able to convince Kevin that he plans to make it taller. "He's a sweet kid, Darryl, but not the sharpest guy in the drawer," Kevin murmurs to Darryl when he wanders in.

Dwight and Angela are wandering along outside when he suddenly grabs her and stuffs her in a parked van. "Is it safe to talk?" asks the alpha-nerd in the driver's seat. "Well, this documentary crew has been following our every move for the past nine years but I don't see them so I think we're good," Dwight says. Angela asks if the guy, Trevor, has a gun, so he obligingly shows her a receipt, due to his unfortunate tendency to have his guns stolen from him.

Pam's up on the cherry picker in the warehouse, contemplating a ten-by-ten section of wall and trying not to be self-conscious about it. "You paint now?" Hide calls from below, settling in to watch. Not helping.

Pete's tower is accumulating levels and observers as he reads off the cards. Complaints include Meredith referring to a seminary as a "sausage factory" and Darryl pocket-dialing a client during sex. Although Darryl confessing-heads that he was actually eating spaghetti at the time.

Now that Trevor has established his bona fides at following and spying on people, Angela gives him an envelope and his assignment: "Murder." "Okay, that's the big one. That's the big M," Trevor stammers while Dwight looks shocked.

After the ads, Dwight is telling Angela that she can't have someone murdered, even if they are sleeping with her husband. He's sympathetic, but keeps trying to talk Angela down. And Trevor, too. They end up compromising on a kneecapping, even though Dwight hates the idea. "Because a woman with damaged knees can't scrub worth a damn." Trevor's in, though, saying it goes down at 4:00. "And once I leave, there's no turning back."

Jim is possibly regretting his offer to take his coworkers to lunch, because Stanley is ordering the surf & turf with lobster on the side, and Phyllis asks the waiter, "How much wine do you have?"

Oscar brings Angela a cookie, which she crumbles into the trash as soon as Oscar's back is turned. Dwight saw it, though. In the stairwell, Oscar is on the phone to Robert saying they're okay, unaware that Dwight is eavesdropping.

Pete's tower now reaches almost to the ceiling from his desktop. Kevin tries to add a new level, and ends up knocking the whole thing over. Everyone yells at him, but Pete says it was only a mistake, which is what the tower's all about, after all. Pete asks who's never had a complaint, and assumes nobody because of how Pam doesn't raise her hand very high. Pete says they can all get back to it, even giving Kevin a fist-bump. Wow, Pete really is the new Jim. Erin looks pretty impressed. Which we haven't seen for a while. As for Clark, we don't see him this week so I assume Jan is a full-time job for him. She certainly was for Michael.

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