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At lunch, Jim's trying to continue his pitch, but Phyllis has come over all maudlin.

The tower has been rebuilt, but they're out of cards before reaching the ceiling. Pam, who's been watching this whole time rather than painting, offers to get them a fresh complaint. "You wouldn't fart on a butterfly," Meredith scoffs. Pam readily agrees with that, but says she wants to try getting a customer complaint. Everyone cheers her on, Kevin almost knocking the tower over again.

In the parking lot, Dwight confronts Angela about Oscar being the target. "He and the Senator are gaying each other," he's figured out. Angela says Oscar deserves it, and Dwight reminds her, "the first one to break your marriage vows were you and me." Angela says it's too late, and points to Trevor's van parked nearby. Dwight runs off in panic.

Dwight rushes back into the office and drags Oscar out, promising a look at pantsless construction workers drinking diet sodas. "Yahtzee," Meredith says, getting up to follow. Trevor comes in, carrying a sub sandwich with a lead pipe sticking out of it and claiming to be "sandwich delivery for Oscar Martinez." Eyeing the sandwich (though clearly not very closely), Kevin adopts a bad Mexican accent to claim to be Oscar. Trevor grabs the pipe, but Angela rushes in and stops him. "Outside," she says, and distracts Kevin with the promise of donuts in the break room.

Jim's still trying to get an agreement from Stanley while Phyllis pries a decorative wine bottle off the wall.

In the warehouse, Dwight explains to Oscar what's going on, and gives him a hurried lecture on all the gorgeous guys he could have picked in the Scranton-Wilkes Barre area instead of Angela's husband. I could say the same about Angela's husband, and I think maybe I might have been doing so for some time. Dwight hustles Oscar out, only to be confronted by Trevor, who's determined to go through with it. "I might puke, but I'm gonna do this," Trevor says. Dwight tries to talk him out of it, but there's soon a three-way battle for the pipe, which Oscar wins, and then Dwight finds himself trying to stop Oscar instead.

Everyone else stands around Pam at her desk while she gets ready to make her complaint-garnering call. And when she does, she tells a "yo mama so fat" joke, badly, but remembering to give her name twice. A moment later, the phone at Reception rings and after a short conversation, Erin hangs up and says, "Ladies and gentlemen, we just lost a client!" They celebrate like it's the NASA control room, for about three seconds.

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