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From his family's boat, Andy's on Skype back to the office, revealing that his skin is as hot-pink as the swim trunks he's wearing. Erin THs that she was sad about being abandoned in favor of Andy's brother at first, but drew inspiration from the Bob Marley song, "No, Woman! No Cry!" Back at Reception, Andy shows off how he wears his underwear on his head, then accidentally jettisons his drinking water, and then his desalinator. He tells them the Skyping is the only thing keeping him sane, and then gives an unhinged laugh. "He's been sailing for two days," Darryl THs. And then Andy loses whatever he's Skyping on overboard as well. Cool, now maybe he'll come back dead.

After the mini-credits, Jim and Pam walk in just in time to hear Dwight put David Wallace on speaker phone, making much of the fact that Wallace called him instead of anyone else. Jim steals Dwight's handset, making it impossible to take Wallace off speaker, so everyone hears when Wallace breaks the news that the Scranton White Pages is looking for a new paper supplier. Dwight does a TH about how sure, phone books are over, but there's a reason paper suppliers call them the White Whale: "Look at all that sweet blubber." Wallace says they need their top sales guy on this, meaning Dwight, who briefly puts Wallace on hold to celebrate and tell everyone to eat it (although he has to send Erin into the bathroom to tell Stanley). We hear her scream, "Eat it, Stanley!" while Dwight asks about the contact there. All Wallace knows is that it's a new woman whose name they didn't catch. Wallace signs off while Phyllis reminds Dwight -- and everyone else -- that he can't sell to women. Everyone agrees, but Jim can't step in because he's got his first board meeting. "Also, the first time I've ever been excited about work," Jim THs. "So that feels... wrong."

Pete enters the break room with a barely perceptible smudge on his upper lip, assuring Kevin, Clark and Darryl that it's only him, not Tom Selleck. Apparently Toby has gotten them all into Movember to raise money for prostate cancer. "So this is how we look now," Clark says in a TH with Pete, looking like he drew his on in number two pencil. "I hope you like being turned on all the time." Toby comes in looking like Yosemite Sam, only creepier. "Smile if you love men's prostates," he says to a mother with her kid while following Pete and Clark out to lunch.

In Accounting, Angela whispers to Oscar that she thinks the Senator is having an affair. Oscar, as he does whenever this comes up, nearly flips shit. "I literally have nightmares in which what just happened happens," Oscar THs. "I wake up in a sweat and then I make Angela's husband spoon me back to sleep." Angela tells Oscar about the secret smile her husband has when he comes home in the morning, and about all the time he spends at the yoga studio with Blake the instructor. Oscar assures Angela that Blake's a guy's name, so there's nothing to be concerned about... although he's soon sharing Angela's concern, but for different reasons. Oscar agrees that its suspicious, and offers to go with her and check it out.

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