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In the annex, Kevin and Darryl have joined what Toby sadly thinks is some kind of mustache party.

Jim's trying to have his call outside, in the cold in his shirtsleeves, while someone's operating a power grinder nearby. Plus when he leans against Meredith's van, he sets off the alarm, bringing both Hank and Meredith outside in a noisy rage.

Pam and Dwight are ushered into a large office and are told by the boss's female assistant, "She will be right in." Pam asks the assistant her boss's name, and the young woman looks uncomfortable enough that for a moment I think she's the boss, but she leaves them in there to wait. Dwight is in his happy-place with his childhood barber, while Pam takes in clues from around the room. A photo of a woman skydiving, goggles hiding her face, teeth and claws outstretched. Aromatherapy candles on the table, and a photo of someone's daughter. And suddenly Pam takes on the stricken look of the one surviving girl at the end of the horror movie who realizes she's blundered into the killer's lair. Because on the far wall is a Warhol's Marilyn Monroe-style print of none other than Jan Levinson. "Oh my God, it's Jan!" she blurts. Dwight: "Dear God in Heaven." They look up to see Jan herself standing in the doorway, regarding them like a killer regards the survivors who have just blundered into her lair. Pam THs, as though this show has any new viewers, "Jan used to be one of my superiors, and she's one of the most erratic and terrifying people I've ever met." Montage of some of Jan's greatest hits (or as many as they can find that don't have Michael in them, including the time David Wallace fired her) and Pam mentions her suspicions that Jan had an affair with her 17-year-old former assistant, Hunter. "But she looks great! If she asks will you tell her I said that?" Back in the room, Dwight stands in shock and Pam hisses at him, "Forget everything we taught you!"

After the ads, Pam and Dwight act all happy to see her, but Jan was clearly expecting David Wallace. Dwight tries to be charming with a photo of Jan's daughter Astrid while Pam explains how Wallace is in Vermont. Jan angrily yells for Molly, who panic-babbles about how it got confusing with her instructions not to tell anyone Jan's name, plus how hard it is to hear on the Bluetooth Jan makes her wear. Jan is clearly let down, while Dwight deploys his creepy nod/smile and Pam realizes Jan has no intention of buying from them. "Insightful, Pam," Jan winks. Defeated, Pam tries to get Dwight out of there, but Dwight says they're not going anywhere. "You keep her occupied. I'll be right back." Pam bravely asks Jan is there are any other pictures of Astrid, and Jan reluctantly agrees, "I will show you one... slideshow."

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