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Michael and Packer approach Dwight to talk about where Packer's going to sit, which is not a good sign for Dwight. "We can't just sit around waiting for Creed to die," Michael explains. Dwight points out that there are plenty of seats in the annex, which was his first mistake -- Dwight will be moving back there. Dwight protests that he's been at this desk for ten years (not counting his stint at Staples with the future Shirley from Community, of course), but Packer points out he was there for twelve years before that, and he's got his name carved into the bottom to prove it. Dwight and Michael both crawl under to look while Packer pretends to hump them. Stellar work today, Holly. You can go home with the satisfaction of a job well done.

Dwight takes his grumpy mood back to the annex, where he throws out Holly's Zen garden: "What do you grow in this, bullcrap?" In come Jim, Meredith, Ryan, and Pam, and Oscar, wondering why Holly hired Packer. Holly, more out of loyalty to Michael than anything else, says Packer's been nothing but nice to her. "That's how he gets you to take off your panties." Meredith says. Jim, to Pam: "Why are you nodding?" Holly asks for more examples of Packer's bad behavior, and Jim doesn't even have to go any earlier than this episode, pointing out that he humped Michael. Wrong argument to make with Holly.

Andy's trying to watch a regatta video on his computer, but it freezes up. Erin invites him up to watch it at Reception, and Andy's excited about Erin's new computer for about a second before asking Pam what he needs to do to get one for himself. Pam reminds Andy that he already has one, but Andy argues, "If you donated my computer to Africa, it would become famous as the slowest computer in Africa." Pam says it's not in the budget, and if Andy gets a new computer, everyone in sales would want one. Which they do. Tough luck, Andy.

Packer meets Kevin Holly, and Dwight in the kitchen, greeting them as the "three muske-queers." He also calls his own daughter a bitch and accuses Kevin of not knowing how to read anything but a menu. After he leaves, Kevin tries to hide his hurt feelings, but does it so badly that even Dwight is moved to say something kind: "In Sumo culture, you'd be considered a promising up-and-comer."

Pam comes out to the bullpen to see Andy on Erin's computer -- at his desk. Yes, they switched. Pam gets upset about the new Reception computer being swapped out. Andy starts to share some anger-management techniques with her, but Pam insists that Andy switch them back. As he angrily dives under his desk to start unhooking stuff, he calls out, "Please make sure nobody is humping me!" Not the kind of thing Andy usually has to say.

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