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Meet the New Boss…Again
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Michael's at a hotel bar, and happens to mention to the bartender that he's leaving his company of 19 years. "I'll drink to that," another patron calls over. Nobody who's been following this show in the media will be remotely surprised to hear that the other patron is Will Ferrell. He says he's starting at a company tomorrow. "To beginnings and endings," he toasts. Michael keeps it going, and asks Will Ferrell not to tell his fiancée he's drinking on a Wednesday. "I won't. I don't know her, "Will Ferrell promises. And she's not even in this episode. Michael mentions his impending move to Colorado, but allows that he won't be skiing and ending up like Sonny Bobo. "Everyone I know who skis is dead," Will Ferrell agrees. Then they bond over Olympics, and with that, Will Ferrell moves over to sit next to Michael. Small talk continues, until Michael pulls out his phone to call the guy he's supposed to be meeting here. Naturally, Will Ferrell's phone buzzes, and he goes off to answer it, and it takes them waaaay too long to realize they're talking to each other, and the guy they were each supposed to meet is the same guy they've been talking to this whole time. They introduce themselves (Will Ferrell is "Deangelo Vickers," because apparently he just climbed out of the "What Do You Think" box in an issue ofThe Onion), and settle in for another round.

Cut to them heading up to the office together, however late at night it is. Deangelo is impressed, for some reason: "She'll do. She'll do just fine." Even this late at night, Deangelo takes the time to shoot a little TH in the conference room about his excitement over the new job, and in the middle of it, Michael video-bombs him by sticking his face in front of the camera, cracking them both up. "We should write a movie or something," Deangelo says, chasing Michael out of the conference room. Anybody up for Threat Level 12:01 AM?

The next morning, Oscar is giving us an update on the new manager the company hired to replace Michael. "It's a lot to process. Paperwork-wise."

In the office, Kevin is wearing his toupee for some reason, I guess to impress the new boss. In a TH, he assures us he's not really Ashton Kutcher, even though he's "Equally handsome, equally smart." Well, he's half right.

Michael is making a big announcement to the bullpen, prefacing it with, "As you know, one of my favorite things is fanfare for its own sake. So without further ado, let's all start clapping." Michael presents Deangelo, who emerges from Michael's office to continuing applause and shakes hands with Michael. Deangelo starts telling them the stuff they need to know about himself: his love for the American Southwest, his peanut allergy, how he's as comfortable at a ball game as he is at the opera, etc. Dwight's boredom with this is so contagious it pulls us into a TH: "Did I want to be made manager? Sure. A great opportunity squandered? Absolutely. A crushing blow? Yes. Will I get over it? Mmm, no. But life goes on. Not for me." On the bright side, his hair this week looks just like Kevin's rug.

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