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Meet the New Boss…Again

Kelly engineers an encounter wherein she drops an armload of papers on the floor right in front of Deangelo. She tells everyone not to bother helping, not that anyone but Deangelo is. While he's gathering her stuff, she goes full on nerd-transformation, letting her hair down and taking off her glasses, asking if they've met before. "Not officially. I saw you coming out of the bathroom earlier," Deangelo says obliviously. She says it was great to meet him and heads back to her "cave," ignoring the stack of her stuff he just picked up for her. "And that is what they call a meet-cute," Kelly THs proudly. Is the bathroom reference optional?

Out in the bullpen, Michael is telling the troops about his own meet-cute with Deangelo, and it's not really having the effect he was hoping for. In fact, they think the story makes him sound like an idiot. Then Deangelo enters, and tells his own version, which gets a laugh. Nobody points out that even though neither of them covered themselves in glory the previous evening, Deangelo was the one who was meeting a guy who gets followed around everywhere by a camera crew. Andy whips out some pre-printed nametags he carries around for occasions like that, and Deangelo thinks he's just met the office funny guy, even though Andy wasn't trying to make a joke. Moving on to Jim and Pam, with Michael finding yet another awkward and embarrassing way to introduce them to someone new (they're like snowflakes), and upon seeing their photo of Cece, Deangelo mentions that he's got four kids of his own. Pam makes a lame joke to the boss which extends all the way into a joint TH with her and Jim, in which they crack wise about their unplanned pregnancy advancing their careers. Hey, it's still early, Halperts.

Dwight has apparently lured Michael into the stairwell with the promise of showing him a turtle, but that was just a ruse so Dwight can complain about having to be a right-hand-man to a whole new guy. "Now I'm going have to go online and look at turtles or else I'm gonna be off the whole day," Michael whines. Dwight doesn't get why he wasn't even interviewed for the position, especially with Michael pushing for him. Somehow Dwight completely misses the "Oh, yeah, that" face that Michael makes.

Deangelo is eating an apple when a bunch of people converge to suck up. Even Darryl's not immune, saying the Southwest is one of his favorite regions. Afterward, in his office, he thinks that sounded lame, but then convinces himself it was cool. Too bad he then follows it up by saying the desert is one of his favorite ecosystems. From under his toupee, Kevin asks what Deangelo thinks of bald people. "I hate them," Kevin explains. Angela brings up politics and says Deangelo should meet her boyfriend, the state senator. Oscar gives a little smirk, because of how he's the only one who knows "The Senator" is gay, but Deangelo just says, "Sounds very interesting, thank you." Michael, who has been watching this whole scene, is not at all getting what's happening here. It's not hard, but then, it's Michael.

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