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Meet the New Boss…Again

Michael and Deangelo are trying to share Michael's desk and computer when Erin pushes in a giant box. It's Deangelo's stuff, and everyone comes in to look it over. First is a garish desert-scape painting, and a ten-gallon hat that, as Deangelo points out to Darryl, only holds about three quarts. Michael THs his doubts about Deangelo. "Deangelo's great, I love the guy. But I'm not sure he's a good fit for the office. And also, I'm not sure if I love the guy."

Darryl's sister is secretly delivering him a pair of cowboy boots in the parking lot, although he passes on the matching pair of cap-gun six-shooters. She might be fucking with him on the latter.

In the kitchen, Andy runs into Deangelo, who orders, "Make me laugh." Andy responds by doing some mime. When that flops, he goes into a whole kitchen-trashing tantrum of forced wackiness, going so far as to pour hot coffee on the front of his pants. "Drink some soap!" Deangelo laughs. Andy obeys. "I guess this is my life now," he THs. Nobody said comedy is easy.

Dwight is in the annex, asking Gabe how to become a manager. Gabe tells him to start by getting a recommendation from Michael. Which is how it comes out that Michael didn't recommend Dwight after all. Gabe has the grace to feel awkward, but that's about as far as his grace gets him in this situation.

In the bullpen, Deangelo is holding forth about whale-watching when Michael interrupts with a plate of PB&J sandwiches. Did Michael forget that Deangelo has a peanut allergy? Probably not. Michael tosses one to Kevin. Standing right next to him, Deangelo dodges while Kevin catches it in his mouth. Deangelo explains he's itchy for three days if a peanut touches him, and Jim's a little surprised to hear it doesn't kill him, like most TV peanut allergies. Michael tosses one to Oscar, but Deangelo bats it out of the air with a binder. "You're gettin' nut particles all in the air here!" he complains. Michael says no one had a problem until Deangelo got there. Deangelo circles around Michael and ducks into the conference room, and calls a "mandatory meeting" in the "multipurpose room" right away. Michael tells everyone not to go in, but they all file in past him. Including Darryl, in his own Western shirt and ten-gallon hat. Oh, Darryl. Jim is almost the last one to go in, and he reminds Michael, "You're the one who decided to leave. Come on, he's our new boss, you know we have to do this." Michael turns to the last person in the bullpen, saying, "Looks like it's just you and me, Dwight." Dwight says, "Correction. Just you," and enters the conference room, announcing, "Meeting, multifunction room." Look who figured out how to be someone else's right hand man after all.

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