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Traveling Salesmen

Pam gets a call at Reception, notifying her that she won an art contest for her watercolor of a school. She is rightfully excited, even when she tries to show us her winning entry on the internet (that "Image" search engine typeface sure looks familiar), and gets, like, a 200 x 300 pixel jpg. She thanks everyone in a little TH, including "the sixth-grade class that picked me."

Phyllis and Karen get a big order from their client. Phyllis asks the client about his wife, and he shows off a picture of them in Bermuda. The photo shows the client's wife painted up like a Jersey mob wife, with a vertiginous pompadour that brushes the top of the picture frame. Suddenly it all makes sense to Karen. Alas, things are not done falling into place for her today.

Stanley and Ryan's sales call is to a company that appears to be run by four middle-aged black men, who totally intimidate Ryan. "Hi," is just about all he can say to them as Stanley devotes his attention to his crosswords.

Jim is fast-talking his and Dwight's client, and it looks like Dwight is just being weird as he asks to use the guy's desk phone and starts yelling numbers into the mouthpiece. Then he puts the call on speaker so they can all enjoy the hold music. Why are we not seeing Jim's annoyed face? All will become clear.

Back at the office, Pam tells Kevin about the art contest she just won, with the $100 prize. Kevin's glad for her, but he's much more glad that he won $400 on the Celtics game last night. Just Pam's luck to get exciting news when half the office is gone. She should go try Toby. Feel free to interpret that last sentence any way you wish.

Back in the car post-sales call, Stanley cackles away at Ryan. "Hi! Hi! Hi!" he mocks. "You sounded like my niece and she's six months old!" Ryan just stares blankly out the passenger window like he's waiting for a chance to open the door and roll out onto the pavement.

Jim and Dwight's client is talking about how he can save money with the big guys. So they bring up customer service, because the on-hold call Dwight's making is to one of those aforementioned "big guys." Meanwhile, Jim dials Dunder-Mifflin and gets straight through to Kelly, on whom he hangs up immediately. Heh. I'd pay extra for the privilege of hanging up on Kelly every once in a while. That, plus Dwight's promise that he never gets sick, takes vacation, or celebrates holidays, sells it.

Pam pops her head up over the divider to tell Angela about her art contest victory. Angela's reaction to the news is much more satisfactory than Kevin's was. "I like having these little moments with you," she adds, and offers Pam the dominant male from Sprinkles' recent litter. Pam has to decline, and that's the end of their short-lived friendship. Maybe Pam wouldn't be so cavalier if she knew that Sprinkles has less than ten months to live. And yet she's still in her kitten-bearing years. Sprinkles, I mean.

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