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Trivial Pursuit
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Dwight shushes the camera with a mischievous grin and after a few more quiet moments in the office, Jim does a talking head shot. Except he's not talking -- he's writing messages to the camera on a legal pad. Anyway, he notebook-heads, "We're on the longest silent streak in office history! Nobody has said anything in..." He checks his watch and adds, "14 min." Shrug. Back in the bullpen, Dwight's phone rings. Everyone reacts like they're in a submarine movie, and finally Dwight picks up the handset and hangs it right back up. From his office, Andy sees a raccoon eating an abandoned burger down in the parking lot, and excitedly goes out to try to mime the news to the employees. Finally Kevin bites into a candy bar and moans, "Oh, yeah!" That was twenty minutes, and after releasing some pent-up nonsense, they're ready to try again. After watching this episode, I'm wishing they'd made it to thirty.

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Andy's running a brainstorming session about the uses of paper, which eventually segues into his sales pitch to the employees to buy paper from the company... for themselves. As he explains to us from his office, Andy promised Robert double sales growth by the end of the quarter, which means they have to sell $830 worth of paper by the end of the day. "And then next quarter I need to sell the $2200 dollars of paper that's in my garage."

Dwight is presenting himself -- three-piece suit and all -- at the Sabre HQ in Florida to claim a management position that he seems to think is his for the taking, based on some offhand remark Robert made at one point. As if anything Robert ever says is offhand. Dwight encounters Gabe, of all people, positioned at a hallway desk opposite the receptionist's area, in a space surrounded by potted plants. Dwight mockingly compliments Gabe on his jungle-like "office." Gabe explains to us that he's needed in both Scranton and Florida, so apparently he commutes from one place to the other every damn day. "I can think of no better way to confront my deathly fear of flying," he THs. That's also such a stupid waste of corporate funds that I totally believe it. Robert comes in and greets Dwight, congratulating him on his initiative, and says he'll be right with him after "settling in," leaving Dwight to wait out in the reception area next to Gabe.

Back in Scranton, Andy asks Oscar to make the "rounding error" that will get them to their sales target. Kevin offers to take this on, since making mistakes is kind of his forte, but both Andy and Oscar figure this kind of error is beyond his capabilities. But Oscar has plans to leave early for a trivia contest in Philadelphia. And not just any contest, but "Triviacolypse," with a thousand-dollar prize at stake. Andy gives Oscar his blessing to go.

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