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Then, in his office with Jim and Darryl, he's gotten no farther than "trivia" and "Philadelphia" before they're both on board with whatever he's planning, sight unseen. They may not be as on board with the idea of using the prize money to cover the sales goal, but they pretend to be. The only downside, Andy warns, is that they'd have to leave right now. Jim and Darryl's only problem with that statement is the word "downside." Wonder what Pam might think.

In Florida, Dwight overhears Gabe low-balling a bagel vendor over his phone, and starts to mock him for being the "bagel guy." But Gabe boasts that he's like the most important appliance in a home: the office's toilet, flushing away problems so people can keep their hands clean. Dwight makes an excellent point: "You could have gone with garbage disposal, incinerator, or eraser, and instead you chose toilet. God bless you, you are an American classic." Robert comes out to tell Dwight that he doesn't have time for him today, but Bill the COO will meet with him later. After Robert breezes out, Gabe mockingly assures a flustered Dwight that he'll really like Bill. "He has me toilet a lot of people for him." Just then Gabe's desk phone rings; it's Robert, calling from outside the elevator to tell Gabe to listen to Dwight's pitch himself after twenty minutes. "Make him feel valued. Make him feel heard." Gabe says he's on it. Sure he is.

Oscar's with his nameless trivia teammates at the bar in Philly when Andy walks in with what looks like the entire office. Obviously Oscar's not happy to see them all, even when Andy offers to make him the Dunder Mifflin team captain. In fact, Oscar's amazed that Jim thought this was a good idea. "I thought it was a fun idea," Jim corrects. That is a vital distinction that I have made many times. Darryl's making a whole speech about the doubts he experienced on the 2½ hour drive when he suddenly interrupts himself to realize aloud, "This is a gay bar." Oscar, disappointed that that isn't enough to drive them away, bitterly wishes them luck, and Andy says he and the other Scrantonites will need to break up into teams: the have fun team, the backup team, and the A-team. Jim tries to follow the backup team, but Creed tells him he doesn't belong, so he ends up with the A-team: Andy, Darryl, Ryan, and... Kevin, who is at least smart enough to take the hint that he's in the wrong group in under an entire minute. Off to the have-fun team with Kevin. The first question is the capital of a state Ray Charles famously had on his mind. Now, this bar trivia is completely different from any I've ever been to, but then I've only played it at four bars in two different states and only have a few first-place wins under my belt with such teammates as Miss Alli and Montykins. Usually the host asks ten questions in a round and each team fills out a quiz sheet as they go, turning it in to be scored at the end of the round. But apparently in gay bar trivia -- or at least gay bar trivia in Pennsylvania, or at least gay bar trivia in Pennsylvania on The Office -- the host asks a single question and then each team has to hold up a miniature dry-erase board with their answer on it after a certain amount of time. Most people hold up their boards reading some variation of Atlanta, except Kevin and the good-time team, who, because Ray Charles is blind, came up with "What is SEE-attle."

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