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Trivial Pursuit

Gabe breaks the news to Dwight that he's the one who will be meeting with Dwight. "I can see you in the jungle."

There's an NBA question, which Jim and Darryl both blow and Kelly and the good-time-team get right, based on Kelly's reality show knowledge. Andy doesn't take it well.

Dwight is giving Gabe a passionate speech about why he deserves to be in charge of southeast printer sales, and Gabe is having trouble keeping a straight face. At the end, Gabe puts out a hand like he's offering Dwight a fist-bump, but invites Dwight to put his hand on it instead, When Dwight does, Gabe turns his arm into a pretend-toilet handle and says, "Flush!" Wrong move; Dwight grabs Gabe's arm and twists it around behind him, demanding to be taken to Robert immediately. "Listen, you're a fine toilet," Dwight says. "I'm just an extraordinary piece of crap." Nice of him to let Gabe save face like that.

The trivia guy orders Ryan's smartphone confiscated, which gives him such acute separation anxiety that he bails on the A-team. "I want to be with my phone," he whines, running out. The host reads down the standings, and wouldn't you know it, Oscar's team ("Aesop's Foibles," which is appropriately pretentious) is in first place, the A-team has four points, the B-team five, and "The Einsteins" have eight points. Who are the Einsteins, you ask? Why, they're the Dunder Mifflin "good time" team, of course. "So our best chance of hitting our mark is now in the hands and brains of Kevin, Meredith, Erin, and Kelly. Do I like these odds? My answer is no." The Einsteins do a shot, and apparently that's considered a funny enough moment to go to commercial on. I wouldn't call that a funny enough moment to end a scene on.

It's nighttime in Florida, and Dwight has dragged Gabe to the courtyard of some executive housing condo complex, but Gabe doesn't know exactly where Robert's place is, so Dwight starts hollering Robert's name until he comes out on a balcony in sweaty workout clothes. "How nice of Gabe to show you where I live," Robert says.

At the trivia contest, everyone gets an answer about Albert Einstein right, except of course for the Einsteins. On to the speed round for the top three teams, which will be The Einsteins, the "Queerenstain Bears," and Oscar's team, Aesop's Foibles. The board also has a team called "Jason Su-Gay-Kiss." I was going to accuse the writers of wasting their time coming up with funny trivia team names instead of jokes, but clearly that would be completely unfair of me. Desktop bells are handed out to the top three and the speed round begins. Erin rings the Einsteins' bell halfway through a question about Salman Rushdie, but neither she nor anyone else on her tem actually knows the answer, so Oscar steals the point. But then she's the one who gets "flying jib" correct, for reasons that are never explained. The excitement builds, at least on the other side of my TV screen.

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