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In the tag, Harry asks Jim what he'd do if he weren't selling paper. Jim shares his "dream" about growing beets for competition. "Why have we never talked about this before?" Dwight wonders in amazement before realizing Jim's having him on. "You don't even care about Nationals," he accuses. Jim admits that he's always wanted to own a bike shop, because we know what a gearhead he is from that time he rode his bike into the Stamford office. Harry says he'd like to sell just one big thing, like a plane and be done. And then he points out that since Robert's going to run the company into the ground, "We won't be doing this in six months." As he leaves, Jim and Dwight exchange looks with each other and the camera. That wouldn't be much of an ending, if this weren't the penultimate episode of the season -- and possibly the series. Seriously, have you heard anything? I haven't heard anything.

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