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Schrödinger's Fiancée

After going through the happy/sad boxes again with Erin, Michael THs that his resolution is to never make Holly cry again. "Unless it's from laughing too hard. Or making love too beautifully." There might be a little overlap there.

Holly THs of her and A.J., "We're gonna be just fine... You know you say something over and over and the words start to sound weird? 'Going to be just fine'... just fine... just fine..." And then we see her calling A.J. and saying they need a break, at least until she gets back to Nashua. Like she's going back to Nashua. We see her leaving the office that night, giving the camera a little smile as she goes. She looks like she's going to be just fine.

Tag: the office is empty but for Michael, holding some instructions he printed off the internet, and Creed, who's working up to a cartwheel. Creed manages to pull off a half-assed monkey-jump, and after a moment of uncertainty, Michael decides to let him get away with it. "That's all I had to do all year," Creed says with satisfaction, standing there smiling and not bothering to even shake Michael's hand. So he meant that literally.

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