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Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day, as you can see by Pam's pink sweater, more-down-than-usual hair, and TH about how everyone gives each other little gifts in the office like the card with Dwight's head on it that Jim gave her last year. Further clues: the episode title above, and the giant bouquet of red roses that gets delivered. As the receptionist, Pam has to pretend to not look too expectant as she reads the card and announces that they're for Phyllis. She THs that she made Roy promise not to get her anything too big, since they're saving for their wedding and all. I have no doubt that this is one promise Roy plans to keep. Back at Reception, Meredith reads Phyllis's card aloud. It's literally signed, "Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration."

In Michael's office, Dwight is assisting him with some exposition about the trip to New York he's making today, in order to make a presentation on the branch to the new CFO. Dwight asks about Jan, and Michael gets all giggly about the Valentine's Day angle until Dwight uses the word "screwed" in relation to Michael and Jan's past. He THs that he would have to be a "raving lunatic" to try to approach Jan today, as clearly stated in her e-mail to him that morning.

On his way out, Michael offers to pick something up in New York for Pam. She declines, and Oscar tells him that the best present would be to impress the CFO on behalf of the branch. "Fuhgeddaboudit," Michael slurs, and exits, having inspired a negative amount of confidence.

After the credits, we're riding along in the shotgun seat of Michael's Sebring as he calls New York, New York "the city so nice they named it twice. Manhattan is the other name." Well, at least he said something new there.

Jim THs about looking forward to Valentine's Day as a single guy, when he plans to spend the evening cleaning his friends out at cards. "Because...they're idiots," Jim snickers. Plus he's had all of these years of practice working on his poker face eight hours a day. Pam, meanwhile, is working on the guest list for her wedding.

Dwight sits at his desk, alarmed by the medium-sized cardboard box waiting there for him. Jim says he had nothing to do with it, and seems bored enough to be credible. Dwight carefully slits the tape like it's a bomb. Inside is something even better: the famous Dwight bobblehead. As Dwight celebrates, Angela quietly smiles into her file drawer.

Michael has reached the city early, planning to hang out and enjoy some authentic New York pizza at...Sbarro. Michael is less New York than I am. I think that makes him the only one.

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