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What's worse than weecapping three shows in one night? Weecapping four shows in one night. Thanks for doubling up on me tonight, The Office.

Nellie's looking for Darryl, and Erin assures her that he's around somewhere, but she's just covering for him in his absence. "Welcome to me and Darryl's world of lies!" she THs excitedly. This is a world that includes "Do Not Disturb" signs on Darryl's office door, Darryl "sneaking" out the back while Erin distracts the bullpen with jumping jacks, and a giant stuffed bear in a suit coat that she's dubbed "Bear-ryl." From the Philly office, Darryl assures us that he's just been using saved-up sick days and everyone knows he's been moonlighting, but he's playing along with Erin because she's having so much fun. "That guy's hilarious. He's here today," Erin tells Phyllis back in the office while Bear-ryl falls off its chair behind the drawn blinds. Well, I'm glad someone's having fun.

Coming into the warehouse for a day of painting on her mural, Pam says her boss is cool with it, "because he's in the Bahamas and has no clue what anybody's doing." Which appears to include Creed flying a kite from his desk. Pam's all excited about her progress until she comes around the corner and finds butts and "THIS SUCKS" spray-painted all over the nearly finished mural in orange paint. Obviously she's horrified.

Angela comes into the office a little overdressed, announcing that she's leaving early for her son's first birthday party. No children, though. "Our house is not kid-friendly. Most of our furniture is sharp. Also, ew." So it'll mostly be campaign donors. Of course it will. Apparently the Senator is never not running. Kevin offers to come off of eight dollars on the spot in exchange for an invitation, but Angela shoots him down. And, preemptively, everyone else. When she sits down, though, Oscar whispers to her that the Senator also invited him. Angela is almost shocked enough to start yelling, but Oscar does a gratified TH in which he says he and the Senator are in love, and that Robert is risking everything to have him there today. "Me!" Cut to Angela yelling at her husband down her cell phone in the stairwell: "If you get to bring a stud, maybe I do too." So clearly we can see where this is going.

The scene: a small apartment in Philadelphia. Apparently Jim and Darryl are roommates. And, as it turns out, Jim is the Oscar and Darryl is the Felix. Darryl THs about how he loves Jim for hooking him up with a job, but has some complaints about his housekeeping habits, such as Jim's insistence on letting his dishes soak before washing them. Darryl finally adds, with barely suppressed rage, "He hooked me up with a job."

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