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Gabe enters the office to find it abandoned, because everyone's watching live TV coverage of the police surrounding an apartment complex where the Scranton Strangler is believed to be holed up. Oh, thank God, is that finally going to be over? Jim talking-heads that "some events are so newsworthy...that you have to stop everything to watch. Balloon Boy, Michael Jackson's funeral... Things that, if you didn't see them live, you wouldn't care that you didn't see them at all." Hole in one. Soon it's not a standoff but a car chase, and Michael -- and everyone else -- is way too excited when the pursuit goes past their building. In fact, he goes out and collects some gravel from the street where the Scranton Strangler drove, so he can one day tell his grandchild," You go sell these and buy yourself a nice spaceship."

Erin tries to invite Michael to a Glee viewing party at Gabe's apartment, but he's making a big act out of playing the busy boss for some reason. Erin's nearly in tears until Michael reveals that he's kidding, being a huge Gleek whose favorite character is "the invalid." Erin THs that Michael and Gabe could make a great mash-up, like the ones they're always doing on Glee. "Gay-Mike,'" she dubs it. Erin invites Kelly, who claims to hate the show with such vehemence and knowledgeable detail that it's obvious she's a bigger fan than anyone.

In the kitchen, Angela and Dwight are debating going, and Dwight thinks glee is a stupid feeling to make a show about in the first place. "Thirst, now that's a show I'd watch." Angela agrees, and Dwight says it might be a convenient evening for them to have some intercourse. Meanwhile, Erin invites Andy, and he accepts, dorkily.

Later, in the crowded kitchen, Kevin remarks to Michael, "You gotta go to the boss's party, right?" Michael points out that Gabe is not the boss, and asks Kevin why he said it. "Cause you're the boss," Kevin says, walking it back with as much nimbleness as he can manage. Michael turns around to ask everyone else what they think, but they've all vanished like Mr. Roarke. Looks like Michael has his answer.

That night, when Michael shows up at the party (100% turnout as always, except for Danny), Gabe's apartment's fairly nice, if not showy. Michael's still intimidated by everything, including the big wineglasses and the make-your-own-pizza bar set up for the party ,which Gabe explains to him in the most twee fashion imaginable. "I just have a different lifestyle," Michael THs, talking about his evenings with a bag of microwave-steamed vegetables, sangria, and TV. I'm just impressed that Michael eats vegetables. He gives the pizza-making a go, though, insisting on tossing his crust in the air until it ends up getting bapped across the kitchen by the ceiling fan.

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