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Who's the Boss?

Gabe shows Jim and Pam his Japanese-themed "man-cave," complete with the keyboard synthesizer that he uses to "create soundscapes." Pam's distracted by Cece's waking up. Apparently the baby is reverse cycling, which means she's up all night and sleeps all day, which means Pam's up all night and all day. Must be tough to be a single mom.

Erin runs around rounding everyone up to announce the start of the show. Not everyone is a longtime fan, to say the least. For example, Phyllis doesn't know who any of the characters are. "Which one's Glee?" she asks Kelly, who snaps, "You have to stop." Michael sits down at the couch and starts trying to assert his authority by taking over the volume control. And when Gabe doesn't let him, he announces that the real Glee fans are heading into the bedroom to watch in there, "where we can crank it." Now who's the boss?

Even with Michael out of the room, there's still some sniping between Oscar and Kelly, who are probably the two biggest fans in attendance. And there are now a total of three people in the back bedroom, if you count the baby Pam's holding. She gently invites Michael to go back out to the living room and take her seat -- obviously because she wants to keep Cece asleep in this room. Why are she and Jim even here at all? Whatever happened to Cece getting him out of everything? Oblivious to Pam's issues, Michael tells her, "I have a loaded gun in my desk at work. And if I ever start acting like that weenie Gabe, I want you to take that gun and I want you to shoot me like a hundred times in the groin until I'm dead, okay?" Pam's a little surprised to hear that, particularly the part about the gun in Michael's desk. I think we all are.

Ryan is impressed by the contents of Gabe's man-cave, which includes a 1970s stereo, Japanese virility herbs (including powdered seahorse), and samurai woodcuts. Andy's going quietly crazy, probably not only because he's so insecure about Erin's boyfriend but because Ryan is never impressed by anything.

In the back bedroom, Michael's going on about the various curses that have befallen people who have tried to be his boss before, still oblivious to Pam and her crying baby. Dwight comes in with a tattletale list of people who didn't follow Michael on his walk-out, and asks Pam, "Are you going to quiet that baby, or do I have to?" Pam gives him a hateful look, like the quieting is going to be something that scars Cece for life, but Dwight simply picks Cece up, sits her down, and calms her almost immediately, explaining that in the Shrute family the youngest children raise the others. "I've been raising children since I was a baby, "he says.

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