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Michael's now outside, opening up a utility box outside the building. So this is how Steve Carell goes out, by electrocuting himself? Inside, just as Mr. Schue's just about to announce some winner of something, the screen goes snowy. "Aaaah, what's going on?!" Kelly shrieks.

Andy, looking a little shaky, asks if Creed can read Chinese, and shows him the label of the seahorse container. Creed happily reads it out loud, in Chinese. No wiser, Andy finds Erin and flirts as well as he can, considering he's also putting everything he has into not to throwing up. Ed Helms is killing it with this.

Dwight wants Jim to hand-feed him his pizza, crust-first. Jim does, hating it. "Beer me, Jim," Dwight whispers. Jim beers him. "Now I'm gonna go meet Angela," Dwight says. Pam wonders if there's some way out of Dwight's contractually obligated intercourse, and Dwight suggests Jim go in his place. "You been with a blonde before? It's the big leagues." Jim starts to reach for Cece, but Pam's going out to talk to Angela, despite Dwight's warnings that she's in heat and will eat Pam's face off. "The reverse cycling ends tonight," Pam insists. Exit Pam. Enter Kevin, who climbs into bed with his plate of snacks. "I wanted to eat a pig in a blanket in a blanket," he whispers.

Speaking of pigs and blankets, Andy throws up on a spare bed and covers it with a pillow. Phyllis comes in, quite sympathetic to Andy's emotional pain. Andy wonders whether Erin and Gabe have ever Done It. "Girls tell each other things, right?" he fishes. Phyllis agrees to see what she can find out.

Michael returns to the party, pretending he just went for a walk and acting all surprised that the cable's out. Creed gets off his phone with one of his sources to report, "Puck and Finn worked it out and the solo is now a duet." Michael offers to try something, and leaves the room with sincere wishes of Godspeed from everyone.

Phyllis tries to fish for information on Erin and Gabe's relationship, freaking Erin out more than she already was.

Outside, Pam knocks on Angela's car window, and finds her waiting naked in the backseat. Angela agrees to postpone it for another night, but wants to know how Dwight seemed. Pam starts a whole speech, but Angela snaps, "Just save it," and rolls up the window.

Erin busts Michael outside, and as dim as she is she's able to figure out that he cut the cable. Obviously she's upset, but what upsets her most is the fact that Michael refuses to like Gabe. "He's a weird little skeevy guy with no waist," Michael explains, and wonders why she even cares if he likes him; "I'm not your father." Erin's only response to that is such a long, hurt pause that even Michael realizes he's touched a nerve. But fortunately, before this can veer into an exploration of Erin's deprived upbringing in The Foster Home, Michael tells her to go to her room. And that's all it takes to fix it, as they head on inside, riffing on the theme like the dorks they are.

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