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Pam is excited about going to New York for her classes, which of course Dwight ruins by asking her to fax something.

Andy pitches a wedding locale to Angela, but she rudely shoots him down and then dials Dwight's pager from her desk phone. Yes, that was a booty call, as we see them emerging from the warehouse storage room they're apparently using as a love nest.

Michael looks out his window and sees Jim walking Pam to her car, so he panics and literally falls down the stairs to say his goodbyes. Once he reaches the parking lot, disheveled and breathless, he wants to go back and get his poem, but Pam wants to get goin'. And that little couplet there is already better than whatever Michael would have come up with. As Pam drives off, Jim gets a kiss goodbye, but Michael doesn't, not for lack of trying.

Jim THs about why he hasn't proposed to Pam yet. Basically they agreed that they don't want to spend the first three months of their engagement apart, and she doesn't want a long engagement. "Something in her past, I guess..." Jim speculates. He should ask her about that some time. I bet it's a great story.

At the second weigh-in, Michael insists on everyone being in the same position, mainly so he can be next to Holly again. Darryl announces that they lost 31 pounds, and everyone cheers. Jim THs that Michael is doing great with Holly, and he's figures out why: "It's because Holly is kind of a major dork!" I hope that's meant as being appreciative of the magical love that can bloom between dorks, because, really, come on. He and Pam are hot, but that doesn't make them not dorky. But then I have to take that back, because we get a jolt of dork-spective in the form of Michael and Holly rapping and beatboxing at the camera.

Week 3, July 14. The temp receptionist is a middle-aged woman, and Jim just puts it out there: "I don't really know Ronnie. But I have a feeling I will get to know her in the next few years, and eventually declare my love for her."

Pam's in the wrong class at design school, and when she tries to leave, the teacher tells her to sit down. Pam, being Pam, does. This is not a good start.

Kelly's on her "cleanse" diet, and she looks like she's dying. "Gonna look amazing," she droning-heads.

Jan shows up, giving Ronnie copying work like she's still the boss. She's all smug because her candles were used at a local vigil for a missing girl. "They found her?" she asks, poorly hiding her disappointment. Michael greets her and her growing baby bump with a whole "Who's your daddy?" bit, and a pained Jim reports that Michael initially told everyone he was the baby's father. Don't worry, I'm sure there'll be a lot more to this storyline in later episodes.

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