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Holly asks Oscar who Jan is, and he tells her it's Michael's ex. "She's also clinically insane," he adds. So, watching Michael rub Jan's feet through the window of his office, Holly tells Oscar to go ahead and give his yoga teacher her number. Suddenly, the sound of Angela bitching Kevin out brings Holly rushing across the floor to his defense. "He is not an idiot! He is mentally challenged!" she shouts for the whole bullpen to hear. Kevin is glad for the assist at first, then says, "Wait, back up. Do you think that I'm retarded?" Holly just stutters Dwight's name, and Angela smugly lectures, "Holly, that is very offensive." I'm kind of sad that this gag is over, but it's probably just as well that it's not going to be milked dry. Kevin looks as sad as me, but for different reasons.

Andy pitches four more wedding locations to Angela, which she shoots down and then gets some more quality time with Little Dwight. Then she THs about the details of her conservative bedtime routine and concludes defensively, "That's how I sleep at night."

Jim gets Pam on a live webcam at his desk, to Dwight's chagrin and Michael's delight. Michael picks up the laptop and carries her helplessly around, taking a moment to roast her temp replacement and then carrying the laptop off to the supply room so she can help him find paper clips.

We then see the laptop in the interview chair, as Pam talking-laptops about how great New York is. "Can you give me back to Jim now, please?"

At the next weigh-in, everyone has gained back five pounds. And Kelly collapses.

Week 4, July 21. Andy finishes his jumping jacks before getting on the scale, and the results are a collective loss of one pound. Kelly's back from the hospital, and Stanley's pleased about having lost four pounds.

Phyllis has taken over as the head of the party planning committee. "I was just in the right place at the right time." Read: she busted Angela with Dwight and is blackmailing her.

Oh, and Michael has grown a goatee for reasons that will be made clear later. He busts into the party planning committee, and complains about the talk of cake when everyone's supposed to be losing weight. He THs about their lack of willpower, holding himself up as an example: "I once went 28 years without having sex. And then again for seven years." I don't think that was an issue of willpower. For anyone, really.

So he calls a come-to-Jesus meeting about weight loss. He wants everyone to pledge to lose five pounds. Which, combined with the 65 pounds Jim dryly says he plans to lose, should put them over the top.

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