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The Biggest Losers

Jim's on his way out to see Pam, and Michael tosses him a condom. "I don't want you to have to worry about a surprise pregnancy like me," he says. So...many...levels...

Angela has finally presented Andy with a list of requirements for their wedding location: "A thousand-year-old church in the continental United States, there has to be a rainbow, a 24-hour veterinarian on call..." As Andy balks at the list, Angela has dialed her phone, and Dwight's pager hums. As he heads down to the warehouse, Andy tells Angela a sweet but dorky speech about how he'll marry her anywhere. She actually melts a little and pecks him on the lips before returning to her desk. And down in the warehouse, Dwight is left hanging. Not literally, fortunately.

Jim knocks on a dorm room labeled "Pam Beesly, Resident Advisor." She greets him happily and amorously, and Jim shuts the camera crew out with the oldest trick in the book, which basically consists of, "Look, there's Pam's art." I think that might actually be older than the book.

Stanley's birthday party is a sober affair, with bottled water and fruit. "Does anyone want to dance?" Ronnie asks. Nobody does. In fact, nobody wants to be at the party any more after that.

And Jim's watching TV in the common room while Pam deals with a resident. Advises her, if you will. "I'm waiting it out," he says, with significance that might just escape one upon first viewing.

At DM-Scranton, some of the gang has holed up with cheesecake in the warehouse storage room. Dwight comes to tattle to Michael, Holly, and Ronnie, and they sneak down to spy on the after-party. Michael suggests they get revenge by all going mini-golfing, and Holly drops the news that she has a date that night, carefully watching Michael's reaction. Michael is about to choke, but he pulls it together and says that men from Scranton are handsome, and know how to show a woman a good time. "Not that guy who murdered his mother," Dwight corrects. "He was not so handsome. Also, Kevin." Michael even gives Holly the rest of the day off, and then he and Dwight raid the supply room party. "Happy birthday, Stanley!" Dwight sneers, kicking the cheesecake. Of course it gets all over Michael's suit.

Week 5, July 28. More desperate measures are in place; Creed's using a postal scale and a credit card to measure out rice portions, and Holly's doing lunges with every step she takes. She explains that they haven't lost much, but the other branches aren't doing any better, so corporate upped the prize to five vacation days. "So if we stay fat long enough, we might actually get a whole month off."

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