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Pam's in the student union or whatever, hanging with a group of students. One of them makes a joke about an old lady being an ex of his, and clearly Jim is writing his dialogue. Of course, when Jim calls, Pam blows him off. "I made friends," she tells him happily. For a moment I wish this were not a TV show, because in real life that moment would be nothing, but when it comes to the little people in the box, things like this never bode well.

Phyllis comes storming into the office, all sweaty because Dwight ditched her five miles away and made her walk back. "And you burned over a thousand calories," Dwight congratulates her. Phyllis goes right to her phone and dials for David Wallace. You think she's going to mention that Dwight haggled with her over the commission split?

Week 6, August 4. As Dwight hangs a sign reading "No weigh-in this week," Holly reads a memo from Corporate warning against extreme dieting techniques. Michael interrupts, lumbering in wearing what looks like a fat suit under a new business suit. He hangs up photos of Jabba the Hutt, the Sta-Puft Marshmallow man, etc. He THs that it's his sumo suit, half-inflated. "I'm so glad that I bought instead of renting." Back in the meeting, Michael starts in on a rant about body image and society, which kind of gets derailed when the crew calls him on doing "Michael Klump," his "making fun of fat people" character. Michael suddenly notices that Ryan is clean-shaven, and wonders why. Ryan doesn't answer. We all know the answer.

In a lecture, Pam's new buddy shows her a cartoon poking fun at their bearded professor. Except for the "fun" part. You, sir, are no Jim Halpert.

In the meeting, Michael wrings an insincere apology from Dwight to Phyllis, and reminds everyone that the contest is about being healthy. He makes Kelly stand on a chair so everyone can compliment her. Ryan stands up first, saying she's perfect in every way, and others chime in about her nails, her dress, her butt. Michael tells her she's beautiful, and hugs her while burying his face in her chest. Fortunately, Jim has a TH complaining about his summer that makes it all better.

Week 7, August 11. Michael shows Ryan his own clean-shaven face. "We are the goatee-less brothers," he says. Dwight's shame is visible behind his own nascent goatee. On the scale, Michael cuts off Oscar's questions about Holly's date, calling it "girl talk." The good news is they lost four pounds.

Jim's on the phone with Pam about their weekend plans, and he gets tired of Dwight's eavesdropping so they switch to IM. "What are you writing?" Dwight demands. Jim is just making plans to meet Pam halfway for lunch, but expertly facing Dwight down at the same time. That's what makes Jim Jim. Got that, floppy-haired, wiseass art student? Pam sends Jim a link to her "summer project," a portrait of Dwight. I think this makes him her favorite subject.

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