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The Biggest Losers

Back at the warehouse, everyone's waiting around for Jim to return. Holly tells Michael she's giving up on the yoga teacher, and even shows Michael her tickets so he can see the great seats. Michael offers to buy them from her -- "Trust me," he grins -- and then when she hands them over, he tears them up, to her horror. "I just want you to forget about him," he tells her. And then he wants to pay her tomorrow. Oh. Michael.

Jim arrives, soaked from the rain, which is going to add another couple of pounds right there. "Wet Tuna," Andy says obligatorily. The weight loss isn't enough to win, but Michael encouragingly tells them that in the end, to him, they're all gigantic losers after all. Stanley happily THs that he lost seven pounds, and plans to take five days off after all. Was there ever any doubt that he would?

Epilogue: A hospital ward in Costa Rica. Toby is in bed with a neck brace on. It turns out he went zip-lining on his third day in-country, and the harness wasn't fastened properly, and he broke his neck. He's been in the hospital for five weeks. He never even got to see the beach. ...So he went zip-lining before he even went to the beach? Isn't zip-lining what you do when you get bored of doing everything else? Poor, stupid Toby.

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