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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

In the car, Andy and Erin can finally kiss, but it's like brother and sister. Andy explains that he had to say those things about Erin to Jessica because he was dating her at the time. Erin pretends to be all tired and fall asleep, but Andy knows she's hurt.

The magician tries to draft Nellie as his "volunteer," until Jim steps up to take her place. Jim messes up his card trick for him, earning a grateful look from Nellie. "Why is Jim treating the magician poorly?" Robert hisses to Dwight. Pam joins in, spoiling a rope trick, and then Dwight hauls off and chases the magician clear out of there. Robert apologizes to Nellie for the Halperts' behavior, but she maintains that they're brilliant in their way. "Don't you see what I see?" Robert pretends that he does, and says it's a great party. Kevin takes strong exception to that. "This cake has vegetables in it! Like a salad bar, Robert!" Jim and Pam clink their paper cups. Yay, they saved Nellie's feelings and now all the people they actually work with hate them.

Erin wakes up just in time to see Andy stop the car, hop out, and bang on the front door of the cabin. He's come back to announce to the whole bachelorette party that he's in love with Erin. "She's sweet, funny, and beautiful, and total relationship material." And standing in the doorway, so she was able to hear that, too. The partygoers angrily chase him out of there, and Erin and Andy rush to the car to make an escape. But before Andy pulls out, Erin grabs his face and plants a real one on him, like they're siblings who are a little more into each other. Andy backs up the driveway while Jessica's friends throw things at his car.

Leaving for the day, Jim and Pam pause in the lobby to give Hank the security guard a hard time about letting the magician upstairs. Hank makes like he never saw him come or go, like maybe it was...magic!. Pam: "Let's just go." Yes, let's.

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