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While Andy's up on his desk trying to retrieve his bag, Erin comes up to say she thinks it was brave of him. She even puts a supportive hand on his leg. As Andy steps down, he modestly says that it seemed like the right thing to do. And then he walks away with a nervous cringe-smile. So the day wasn't a total loss.

Michael reads a statement to a press gaggle in front of the building, enjoying the spotlight so much that he can't resist smiling in a way that's totally at odds with the abject message of betrayal of trust that the statement is written to convey. He wraps it up: "There will be no questions. Are there any questions?"

Later, While Michael's in his office, Jo sticks her head in to thank him for reading the statement. "You looked pretty up there," she adds. Michael says it was fun, and when she says she hopes he gets through his rough patch soon, he says today helped. "Give a shout if I can brighten your life," Jo says. Michael half-jokingly suggests, "You could transfer Holly back from Nashua." He gives a little shrug like he knows it could never happen, but Jo promises, "Let me see what I can do." Michael is left standing there catching flies. What hath he wrought?

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