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Women's Appreciation

Speaking of which, Jan is on Michael's speakerphone, asking him to drive over and saying she'll give him $200 for gas. No? How about $300? She'll even leave it on the dresser for him. Michael is evasive, but Jan just wants to know the plan so that her assistant can get more vodka. "Hunter, are you on?" "Got it, Jan," we hear Hunter say. Oh, man. I think I just became a Pam/Hunter shipper, just so we can watch them sit and compare stories.

Dwight uses his broom-stake to flush the hedges bordering the parking lot. "Better a thousand men are locked up than a guilty man go free," he speechifies.

And later, Dwight comes into Michael's office, having compiled a folder of penis photographs for Phyllis to look over, Michael not only thinks that's a bad idea, he asks, "Dwight, are those your pants? That's a Polaroid." Dwight wisely crumples up the photo in question.

Out in the bullpen, Dwight announces the formation of an emergency anti-flashing task force. "Won't that interfere with your other task forces?" Jim wonders. Dwight assures Jim that this task force will have top priority. He explains that he's asking the office park to install security cameras and floodlights, which is actually a good idea. "Now, I know what you're thinking," says Dwight. "Won't that shed more light on the penises? But that's a risk we have to take." Dwight also asks Pam to work with Phyllis to draw a composite sketch of the suspect, although he accidentally pronounces her name "Phallus." "Sorry, I've got penises on the brain," Dwight apologizes.

Pam THs that she almost wishes someone had flashed her when she was with Roy: "That would have been the ass-kicking of the year. Especially if it had been Jim. He would not have wanted me to see Jim's...whoa, I am saying a lot of things."

In the conference room, Phyllis admits that she didn't get a good look at the guy, so this isn't going to accomplish much. Pam doesn't mind; she just doesn't want to be on the phones. Karen comes in with a memo from Dwight, basically putting the women of the office under what amounts to some form of fundamentalist law. When Dwight enters to announce that he's removing all the bananas from the kitchen, Karen complains to him about the memo. "'Sleeves down to the wrist, buttoned-up collars and muted colors'?" Pam reads. "No one dresses like that." Yeah, Pam hardly ever buttons up her collar. Michael comes out and takes the women's side, even going out of his way to encourage Pam to show more cleavage, because he is just that enlightened. Karen asks for more respect, which Michael can't spell, not that that stops him from quoting Aretha. He calls a women's appreciation meeting in the conference room in five minutes.

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