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Women's Appreciation

Cut to the meeting, in which Michael talks about the seriousness of flashing. "When Meredith flashed me at the Christmas party, I nearly vomited." Meredith non-denies that she doesn't remember that. "What a surprise," Angela snits. "No catfights, please," Michael says, woman-appreciatively. He goes on about the right and wrong contexts for seeing a penis, and then says he wants to talk about women's issues. He talks about the media portraying women as "skinny tall goddesses." Which, he says, is not the case. "Even the hot ones aren't really that skinny," he says, pointing to Pam, who's too busy deciding whether to object to being called "hot" or "not that skinny" by her boss to actually say anything. He complains about how much society sucks for imposing these expectations on women. Because Andy is not just a suck-up but also knows his Dove ads, he chimes in to say that the women of the office should be the fashion models. Kevin heartily agrees, drooling, "Then the fashion models could come here and work with me." Karen uses the word "misogynistic," which Michael doesn't really understand. Phyllis reminds Michael of the time he asked if she was a lesbian after she got her hair cut short, and Angela says he always asks them if they're on their periods whenever they get mad. "I have to know whether you're serious or not," Michael protests. Dwight says he wishes he could menstruate. People just want to get back to work, but Michael decides that what they're going to do is relocate this discussion to a less male-dominated environment. Namely the Steamtown Mall. Everyone rolls his or her eyes except Kelly, who beams happily.

Michael leads out the "Ladies of Dunder Mifflin," deciding to have a calendar printed and asking Pam, "Put that in my 'good idea' folder." That must be one skinny folder. Before Pam leaves, Dwight asks her for the suspect sketch she came up with. Pam hands it over. And moments later, scores of flyers labeled "THIS MAN IS A PERVERT are coming off the copier, over Dwight's name, phone number, and....face. Although he has a moustache in the sketch. "I plan on plastering this pervert's face everywhere," Dwight boasts, holding one of the posters up next to his own face. This show does enjoy its little Zaphod Beeblebrox moments, doesn't it?

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