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Women's Appreciation

The women plus Michael ride in Meredith's van, Angela yelling at her to slow down. Meredith downs a bag of chips and tosses the bag out the window. When Pam protests the littering, Meredith sullenly replies, "My car, my rules." You can see why her kid is such a sweetheart.

Back at the office, Kevin invites Jim to join him for an expedition into the women's bathroom. Jim passes, but Kevin goes ahead. "Oh my GOD!" he exclaims from inside, like he just opened the Ark of the Covenant.

In his flasher-hunting project, Dwight has drafted Andy, who appreciates the opportunity. "Of course you do, moonface," Dwight says contemptuously. "That's because you're a preppy freak, you're the office pariah, and nobody likes you." Andy's anger at Dwight's rudeness gets a lot easier to manage when he gets a load of the posters Dwight wants him to help hang up.

At the mall's parking ramp, Meredith has had everyone get out of the van so that she can park in a narrow spot. But she still can't quite pull it off, scraping her paint on the bumper of the car in the adjacent slot. Somewhere, Michael's sense of occasion wakes up from its long nap and reminds him to say the exact opposite of what he's thinking right now: "Many women are competent drivers."

Dwight sticks a pushpin into Scranton on a state map in the conference room and tells Andy, "This is what we know." More true than he realizes.

Jim stands corrected, because the women's bathroom is awesome. Candles, couches, magazines, fresh fruit, a little Zen waterfall. Toby and Ryan have also joined them for this little visit to bathroom luxury. The subject of Jim's six-month anniversary with Karen comes up, and Ryan -- surprised (or just projecting) -- says he figured Jim and Karen were just hooking up. Jim corrects him. Ryan admits something about an email he sent to Karen, which Jim already knew about. "I wouldn't want to be in an office relationship anyway," Ryan face-saves, as Kevin snickers from behind his Elle.

At the Steamtown Mall food court, Michael brings the ladies drinks and offers to dish. Nobody dishes. So he has to come up with his own topic, namely, "What is a pap smear?" Well, that did the trick: Pam quickly comes up with another subject, asking Kelly how things are with Ryan. Kelly gives a dismayingly ambivalent answer that contains both the words "awesome" and "awful" and not a great deal else. Michael asks the ladies about role-playing, and they're not as skeeved out by the question as you might expect. "Jan has this schoolgirl fantasy," he admits. Karen says that's common, but Michael says, "It's just...I feel uncomfortable wearing the dress." And with that, Angela's off to do some clothes-shopping at the doll store. "Sometimes the clothes at Gap Kids are just too flashy," she THs.

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