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Women's Appreciation

Michael sits near Angela in Victoria's Secret, going down a long, upsettingly specific list of items she can get, on him, while she sits there fuming silently and possibly even having a crisis of faith. Meanwhile, Karen shows Phyllis a lime-green bra and panties set, and Phyllis approves. "Jim's gonna love it," she says with a disturbing amount of confidence. Yes, Pam saw that. She says that, being between boyfriends, she doesn't really need any saucy unmentionables. However, she does need new hand towels, so she shows us the hot-pink bathrobe she plans to cut up in order to make some. Remember how she gave her Dunder Mifflin bathrobe to Toby? I bet Toby would let her cut that one up. While he's wearing it.

On the drive back, Angela is yelling at Meredith again to slow down. Michael's cell phone rings. It's Jan. While Kelly bops along to Michael's "My Humps" ringtone, Karen advises Michael to answer it. Pam tells him not to. Again, Michael ends up listening to Pam. Or, more accurately, he just freezes until the phone stops ringing, which is really not the same thing as making a decision. Suddenly, a tire blows, and Meredith wrestles the van to the side of the road.

Jim enters the kitchen and, seeing the Dwight poster on the fridge, taps it and tells us, "That is pretty cool." I'm trying not to be irritated by Jim's condescending pride in Pam for figuring out a way to mess with Dwight all by herself, but it's not really working.

The away team is stranded on the side of the road. Kelly seems to expect Michael to "change the wheel," but since he knows less about changing tires than he does about jumpstarting a car, Pam takes over. Afterward, she proudly tells us about it, and adds, "This bathrobe's already coming in handy." She wipes her forehead, leaving a smudge, and runs to the van when Meredith honks the horn. Good for her, but you don't get to be that excited about your first tire change until you get to where you're going without its falling off.

Dwight and Andy close the gate to the parking lot, and put up some razor wire. Andy offers to share his candy bar with Dwight, but Dwight takes the whole thing. Andy gets his revenge by offering to hang up more posters around the neighborhood. Through a mouthful of Andy's chocolate, Dwight admits, "I may have underestimated you. You're not a total ass." Perhaps next time, Dwight will estimate him.

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