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Women's Appreciation

Upon returning to the office, Michael decides to call Jan and break up with her. He asks Pam, Karen, and even Phyllis to join him. When he gets Jan's voicemail, Pam tells him, "Don't leave a mess--" Too late. So Jan will be getting a voicemail from Michael that goes as follows: "I'm just calling to say I think we need a little break. Permanently. And I know everybody says, this, but I want to remain friends, or at least business associates who get along. Just so you know, it's not me, it's you." And Jan walks into Michael's office. "Okay, buddy, someone just walked in," Michael says, and hangs up. The other women file out, and Jan closes the door so that she can apologize to Michael in person. Michael thanks her, and just like that, they're good. All better! Until Jan's cell phone vibrates, notifying her that she's got voicemail. She picks it up right away, saying, "You want to grab some dinner?" As Michael listens to what he just said muffled through Jan's head, he mutters, "Maybe some Italian? Chinese?" Jan's face falls, and she leaves without another word. Michael is so lucky the episode is almost over, or that would have been really ugly.

Michael THs that women are un-understandable. He tells us about the fountain at the mall, into which he tossed a coin and wished for Jan to get over him, and for a plasma TV for Phyllis. "I wished for Pam to gain courage" (as we see Pam rush to the elevator just in time to get on -- oops, with Jim and Karen). "And a heart for Angela and a brain for Kelly." He then asks himself how he can claim to appreciate women so much when he just dumped one: "You mean, how can I be so illogical and flighty and unpredictable and emotional? Well, maybe I learned something from women after all." Dude, don't blame an entire gender because you're you.

Jim calls Dwight and tells him over their respective desk phones that he knows where the flasher is: "I saw him two minutes ago. In the women's bathroom, above the sink." Dwight gets up and dashes straight there. "Anti-flashing task force!" he roars, bursting in. Luckily, he's alone in there. He looks above the sink, but there's nothing there but the mirror. Which he looks into, removing his glasses and holding his face so that the moustache drawn on the glass lines up with his upper lip. "Pam!" he bellows. Yes, Dwight just got the picture.

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