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The Life of Pie

Out in the parking lot, everyone watches as a bus pulls in. Dwight VOs a sales pitch as we see a montage of the employees all trying to do their jobs while crammed inside. It's a far cry from a week at the lake.

The trials continue after the ads, with conflicting phone calls, overly powerful fan vents, and general overcrowding. Nobody seems to mind the camera people adding to the discomfort, even though they probably take up more room and move around more than anyone. While delivering the mail, Erin sees Nellie working on her adoption paperwork, which she remembers well, even though she herself was never actually adopted. "Not lovable, maybe," she speculates as breezily as she can manage. But she agrees to help Nellie, as long as they don't mention it to Andy. Who, as Nellie recognizes, "Hates me, thinks I'm a monster, should go back to Loch Ness."

Stanley threatens to "hammerspank" Clark for needing to get up all the time. After defusing the conflict, Jim apologizes to Pam, but she says it's cool, just before Angela opens an overhead bin above her, spilling paper and coffee on Pam. Jim helplessly follows his wife to the exit, but pauses to call Dwight on the smirk he's wearing. Unrepentantly, Dwight says, "You forced me to spend money on needless repairs and now you're locked in a prison bus and your woman drips with beverage." Jim asks Dwight to help him out already by taking them somewhere, but Dwight's not about to spend more money on gas. So Jim calls to Andy -- in his nest at the back of the bus where the political candidate normally sits -- to suggest they might all be more productive if the bus were en route to, say, a pie stand. Andy yields to the chants for pie, saying, "The fat people have spoken!" Dwight has no choice but to get behind the wheel and drive them out of there. Oops, they left behind Clark and Darryl, who sit at the table outside the building entrance and unconvincingly drone, "Stop. Come back. Too late. Hmm." Well, now it looks like Darryl might get to learn PowerPoint after all.

The bus tools down the road while Jim leads a sing-along. Dwight pulls over to pick up a nattily dressed hitchhiker in a straw hat. "Thanks, playing a little hooky from work today," says the mysterious gentleman as he steps aboard. Of course it's Creed, who else?

While pausing for a roadside photo op, Pam wonders aloud to Jim why Dwight is sulking rather than "scheming or preparing to avenge?" Jim assures her that Dwight's indestructible. Besides, Jim's too occupied with fixing his marriage.

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