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The Life of Pie

Jim and Dwight talk about the German concept of "bildenkinder," which Dwight says is usually reserved for childless landlords. Jim warns Dwight that his own bildenkinder are in danger of not getting pie, and only Dwight can save them now. Jim comes down, followed by Dwight climbing down on his shoulders. Pam asks Dwight if he's okay, and Dwight grabs her by the shoulders and promises her pie. Then he gets behind the wheel and peels out. Looks like they make it to Laverne's Pies Tires Fixed Also just in time.

Andy comes up to Nellie while she's wistfully watching a mother and child picnicking on the grass and gives her the letter he signed after all -- with a few additions at the end. "Trust me, it needed it. But, yeah, whatever," he says churlishly. Cut to Nellie reading to the camera, "She's tough in business but tender with the people she cares about. She'll make a wonderful mother to any child who can overlook weird accents." Nellie's clearly touched, and that was clearly the work of Andy.

Kevin attempts to insult Oscar in order to get Oscar to pie him. Oscar knows exactly what's up, and kindly obliges. It's the happiest day of Kevin's life.

Jim and Pam enjoy their pie on a bench. We did it," he says. "You did it," she corrects proudly, putting her head on his shoulder. I don't know, I think the nicest thing Jim did today was not caring about or spreading the fact that Dwight and Angela had sex again.

Back at the office. Andy tries to resurrect the sing-along magic from the bus, complete with a banjo solo. Needless to say, everyone's over it. Isn't it tiresome when someone tries to drag out something fun long after it should have ended, The Office?

M. Giant is a Minneapolis-based writer with a wife, a son, and a number of cats that seems to have settled at around two. Learn waaaay too much about him at Velcrometer, follow him on Twitter , or just e-mail him at m.giant[at]

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