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Elements of Destruction

For some reason, Sophie is straightening up at Rousseau's instead of doing her bone ritual. This is where Rebekah finds her and asks to align with her against Marcel and Klaus after all this is done. "Why are you siding with me?" Sophie asks. "Sometimes it's not important who you're siding with, but who you're siding against," says Rebekah.

Marcel paces and frets at Davina's bedside, remembering the night he killed the witches to rescue her. He dispatches a couple of Klaus's minions, then scoops up Davina and carries her the hell on out of there.

Finally, Sophie begins consecrating Celeste's bones. Elijah watches in silence until Sabine approaches him. "You don't have to be here for this," she says. "I owe her this," he says. They talk about their similar experiences in losing a profound love. Elijah says something about love making one vulnerable, which will probably prove prophetic in a future episode. As he's photogenically brooding under a gray and foreboding sky, he gets a call from Rebekah. "He's taken the girl," she says. Everybody makes plans to find the missing Davina.

Meanwhile, Hayley is putting together a care package for her wolf-y friends to weather the storm. It's mostly canned ham and generic refried beans, the gaseous repercussions of which will level whatever is left of the city when Davina is through. Klaus, seeing her in tears, first admonishes her for doing such a foolish thing, then offers to help her carry to boxes.

Sabine is doing her best to work a locator spell to find Davina, but having a hard time of it because the girl's magic is all over the city.

Davina wakes up in a shipping container somewhere and immediately flings Marcel into a wall. "I'm not gonna hurt you," he tells her. "I don't believe you!" she snarls. He explains he's the one who had a witch put a protection spell on her, which is why she didn't die from the poison. She still doesn't believe him, so he confesses that he did use her to his advantage, but realizes he was wrong. "One survivor to another, all I wanna do is keep you alive," he says. With the storm growing in strength outside, she clings to Marcel, trusting him to protect her.

St. Anne's. Klaus and Hayley bring the canned goods to the werewolves who've been holed up there under Kieran's protection. Weren't they supposed to bring that food to Hayley's family? Hayley is surprised to learn that Klaus is the one who brought the wolves to this place, and that they're from his biological father's side of the family. He further surprises her by suggesting she just apologize to Elijah. "He is accomplished in many things, but he is a master of forgiveness."

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