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Après Moi, le Déluge

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Elements of Destruction

Rebekah and Klaus mull over their mingled successes and failures back at the compound. The witches are without power, but at what cost? Klaus pays Rebekah a compliment for her resourcefulness, and she tries hard not to feel too flattered by it. Their discussion turns to Davina. "What about the power?" Rebekah wonders. "Four were supposed to rise, and none did. Where did all that power go?" Ominous music plays. Klaus's face goes, "Oh, shit."

For an answer, we return to the cemetery, where Sabine is continuing with her voodoo ritual. She says something in French about the sacred heart of the mother, the father, and "give me, give me." For some reason, the theme song from Vikings is playing. As Sabine completes her ritual, a glow travels up her arm. Three people wander out of the cemetery. One of them is a man, another a woman in 1920s finery, and the last is Bastiana, the elder witch killed during the first Harvest attempt. "Why are we here?" the formerly dead flapper asks. "Someone called us forth," the gentleman says. Sabine walks up to them and identifies herself as the one who called them. "Sabine, what's the meaning of this?" Bastiana asks. "Bastiana, I've had to endure people calling me Sabine for almost a year now," says the witch formerly known as Sabine. She goes on, "I'd appreciate it if you called me by my real name: Celeste." She gives them all a sly smile, and they just kind of look at her without reacting, because that name doesn't mean anything to them. Yet.

Tippi Blevins consecrated this weecap for its magical powers. Also, Davina better not be dead for good. You can find Tippi at, or on Twitter: @TippiB.

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