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But what was Hayley doing in the Quarter in the first place? When she tells Klaus she was trying to kill his baby, he grabs her by the throat and shoves her up against the wall. Rebekah pushes him away. "Keep your hands off her! She's pregnant, for God's sake!" She points out that Klaus must actually want that baby if he reacted that strongly. Klaus looks like he's going to cry. "It's okay to care," Beks says. "That's all Elijah wanted for you – all we've ever wanted." Full of chagrin, he confesses that he gave Elijah to Marcel to win his trust.

Hayley and Rebekah chat on the stunning verandah. "I appreciate what you did in there," Hayley says. "Us girls have got to look out for each other," Rebekah says. They talk about how screwed up the Mikaelsons are, and how they love each other anyway, even though Klaus keeps killing Rebekah's boyfriends. "Nobody was ever good enough for his little sister, until one day someone was...

Flashback to Marcel coming home from a swim in the river. Rebekah is quite flustered at all the glistening beefcake standing before her. They kiss and kiss until Klaus, who has some kind of preternatural sense of when his sister is about to get laid, hurls Marcel into a wall. Rebekah begs for his life, so he daggers Rebekah instead, scolding her for trying to take Marcel away from him. That is one fucked up relationship.

Back in the present day, Rebekah says she can't cross Klaus again, lest she end up in her coffin. That's when Hayley hands the remaining daggers over to Rebekah, saying she found them in the basement. "If a couple of antique steak knives are all that's stopping you from getting Elijah back, then here you go!" They smile at each other. Yay, budding friendship!

Camille and Marcel are just getting started with their date when Beks stomps into the pub and cuts things short. "Tell me where he is, or I will kill you!" When that threat doesn't work, she threatens to kill Camille. After he compels Camille to calm down and forget all this, he takes Rebekah to meet Davina.

Davina has to invite her into her loft, which she does, but she draws the line at un-daggering Elijah, whose coffin is tantalizingly within reach. Davina magically forces Rebekah to let go of the dagger. When she finds out that Rebekah has been giving Marcel trouble, she flings her around her loft and then pitches her out the window.

Flashback to Rebekah waking up from her sleep, and Klaus sitting at her bedside with the dagger still in his hand. Much to her surprise, she's been out for over 50 years. Klaus delights in telling her that Marcel chose eternal life over life with Rebekah. She doesn't believe him until Marcel walks in through her door, looking as buff as the last time she saw him.

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