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Reigning Pain in New Orleans

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Kieran arrives at Cami's apartment to find his niece freaking right the hell out. He sees the vampire books on her table and realizes she's still digging around. Frantic, near tears, she plays back the recording from her afternoon with Klaus. "That's my voice, but I don't remember it! I think it's some kind of mind control. I think he's erasing my memory." She's about to unravel at the seams, but Kieran gets a call that he can't ignore. She gapes in disbelief as her uncle leaves as quickly as he came.

Rousseau's. A sign out front says the restaurant is closed for a private party. It's here that Kieran has been summoned by the rest of the human faction. "Why wasn't I consulted on this?" he wants to know. "You've been gone for over eight months," the Mayor points out. "We got used to doing things on our own." Then they all do that thing that happens in sitcoms, usually when someone is trying to set two people up romantically, where one party is all, "I thought you invited me here," and the other party is like, "No, way, you were the one who invited me here!" In truth, it was Klaus and Marcel who called the humans together, as they reveal when they pop out from where they've been waiting in the wings for their cue. They then proceed to turn everyone into dinner...

...except for Kieran, who stands there helplessly while his former colleagues are slaughtered. Klaus leaves it up to Kieran to clean up the mess, and suggests a boating accident on the Mississippi as cover. Good luck getting all those bodies out by yourself, dude. At first, Klaus considers also killing Kieran, but Marcel says he's more useful to them alive. Plus, he's Cami's uncle.

Rebekah and Elijah have had no luck in finding this mystery band of werewolves. "How do we proceed?" Elijah wonders. "Let's not, and tell Hayley that we did," Rebekah suggests. "Then you get to impress the girl and I get to go home!" Elijah tries to make like he's not trying to impress anybody, but his goofy smile gives him away. The rest of their conversation is cut short when werewolves come tearing through the woods, chased by Diego and the other vampires. Maybe werewolf bites aren't poisonous to vampires unless it's a full moon, because otherwise it makes no sense that they're so helpless. Elijah grabs Diego by the hair. "Darling, we have to stop meeting like this! This is how rumors begin." Hee! He shoves Diego away. "You can go now," he says politely. Diego and the others don't budge, so Elijah has to clarify. "Perhaps I'm not making myself clear: this is a threat." Hee, again! As the vampires reluctantly retreat, Elijah turns his attention to a young man who's survived the attack. He notices a ring the man wears on a cord around his neck.

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The Originals




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