The Originals
Reigning Pain in New Orleans

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Kaboom Town

Cami is packing up her things when a knock comes at the door. She's surprised to see a teenaged girl standing there. "Cami, I need your help," the girl says. "Marcel's been lying to me and I can't trust him anymore." Cami has no idea who this brunette pixie is. "Oh, you've been compelled," the pixie realizes. "It's okay, I can fix you." She apologizes for the pain she's about to cause, and holds up her hand. Cami's look of confusion gives away to one of agony. She grabs her head as all her memories come rushing back. Her screams echo all the way into the mid-season hiatus.

Tippi Blevins was compelled to forget this weecap, but a witch brought it all back. You can find her at, or on Twitter: @TippiB.

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The Originals




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