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The Power of Exposition

Hayley leads them through swampy land to the dead bodies. Along with assorted corpse bits, she also finds really huge wolf tracks in the mud, and claw marks in the trees. Some guy in a plaid shirt stumbles into the clearing, then vamp-zips away as soon as he sees Rebekah. Rebekah just sort of watches him go instead of chasing him down with her superior speed and strength. She then has to call Klaus and explain she lost what was probably Marcel's informant, for no good reason. "I'll handle it," Klaus says, "but I'll need a distraction."

Klaus returns to his bar stool and Marcel's story. "I've done a lot in my day, but I have a rule about kids," Marcel says. Presumably he goes on talking, but it's Davina who picks up the tale, in the loft with Elijah.

"We were led out like princesses," she says. Flashback to the cemetery, the night of the ritual. The girls, all in white, kneel down and wait to offer their blood in sacrifice. That's when Sophie comes running up, pleading with the witches to stop. A man grabs her from behind, clamping a hand over her mouth. While the girls continue to expect another little cut on the palm, Bastiana instead slits their throats. Elijah is horrified that the witches all lied to the girls about what would happen. "My own mother turned away from me," she says. Jane-Anne watched as her daughter Monique was murdered. "Sophie screamed for her sister, for anyone to do something," Davina says, "but no one did." That is, until Marcel and his henchvamps overran the cemetery and attacked the witches.

"You're the one who stopped it," Klaus says, because everyone is having flashbacks that fit together. It was Kieran who asked him to intervene, though. Davina was the only one left alive, and so he scoops her up and left with her.

"Every girl who died released her power on to the next," Davina says to Elijah, picking up the story. "When I was the last one, I suddenly had all of it."

In the bar, Rebekah shows up to provide a little distraction. Klaus pretends he needs to pee and excuses himself. What he's really doing is tracking down and killing the informant while Beks and Marcel explore the fine line between threats and flirting.

Elijah repairs Tim's violin and hands it back to Davina, which makes her super emotion. This, in turn, makes the whole building tremble as if from an earthquake. "Davina, this power you've drawn from your fallen friends, it's too much for you," Elijah says. "You need control, which requires study and practice." Or she could just wait it out a little longer like she was planning. Why would she hone her skills if she wanted to be rid of them? Elijah tells her about his witchy mama, and the grimoires she left behind. "These books contain all of the tools you might need to control your magic," he says. "If you free me from here, I could share them with you." But if she leaves with Marcel, he won't be able to help her. Davina is afraid of being manipulated again.

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