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The Power of Exposition

When Klaus returns to the bar, he finds Rebekah, but no Marcel. Where did he go? She has no idea. She's kind of terrible at keeping track of lesser vampires today, isn't she? The Mikaelsons realize Marcel played them at their own deceptive little games.

With Klaus and Beks busy being confused, Marcel makes his escape back to the Davina's loft. "We'll leave Elijah behind," Marcel says as he leads Davina from the church. "Might buy me a little forgiveness when he realizes I pulled one over on his siblings." But on her way out, Davina pulls a major freak out and makes the whole church shake. "There's something dangerous out there," she says, begging him to take her back to the loft. She's totally faking, and he totally buys it.

Flashback to the night that Marcel first brought Davina to the loft. He apologizes for the state of it. "It's just for a little while, until I get you out of town," he says. He offers to buy her anything she wants, but what she really wants, she says, is revenge on the witches.

In the present day, she calls to Elijah, who's been tucked away in the shadows, waiting for Marcel to leave. They talk about the importance of family, even though they both have kind of shitty ones. Basically, Elijah must be the single most optimistic person on the planet if he hasn't given up on his psycho brother yet. Maybe Davina will look at that and take away that she shouldn't be afraid to risk putting her trust in someone, even if the chances are better than good that she'll get screwed over. Or something.

Kieran stops Marcel on his way out of the church and takes him to task. He thinks that Marcel doesn't really want to help Davina, and instead wants to use her powers. Marcel isn't in the mood for lectures. "For eight months since you left, I've been running this just fine," he says. "I don't need you coming back and getting in my business! I will do what I want, when I want, where I want!" Man, does he sound like a bratty little kid, or what? Kieran chases after him. "You wanna call the shots? Fine! But I call the shots with the humans!" Is he not human himself? He acts like he's about to Hulk right the hell out, but calms down just enough to pass along one final warning: "I suggest you stay away from my niece." Marcel's like, "Who the hell's your niece?" Of course, it's Cami, but this is the first Marcel is hearing of it, and he's kinda bummed.

Haley and Sophie finish up at the witchy crime scene. Hayley is a bit stunned that all this happened because of a vision about her baby. Sophie dismisses it because Sabine is just a big ol' drama queen. "Kinda wish she'd kept her mouth shut, though," she says. Ya think?! But Sophie admits to being wrong about the Harvest. She thought it was a myth, but she saw it working that night. Maybe she's wrong about Sabine's visions, too.

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