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The Long Con

Newsie and Klaus are this close to getting into a possibly literal pissing match when Marcel has to calm them down. "What you need, my brother?" Marcel asks, turning to Klaus. "I'm afraid my sister Rebekah is insisting I demand Elijah's return." Newsie gets all worked up about the possibility of a third Original walking around town. Klaus just dares him to make a move. Before can start unzipping their pants, Marcel calms them down again. Boo! He leads Klaus away for a private chat. Klaus tosses a look over his shoulder at Newsie that basically says, "Pblpblpttt!!"

So apparently the property hosts Marcel's party mecca, the Abattoir, in its courtyard. While Marcel and Klaus make their way downstairs, they talk about how Marcel turned Newsie in the 1940s, and how he's super loyal to Marcel. You can already see the gears turning in Klaus's evil little brain. There will be a party later that night, thrown for the city councilman who covers up some of their vampiric crimes in exchange for their charitable donations. Finally, they get to the matter at hand. "Listen, about your brother," Marcel starts. "I would love to help you, but Thierry's right. My guys are already on edge." If he hands Elijah back, it will make him look subordinate to the Originals. Klaus doesn't look too upset by the refusal, but that's because he now gets to exercise the much more fun "Plan B: War" option.

Klaus returns to his own mansion and calls Rebekah with the "bad" news. "He thinks you killed 10 nightwalkers," he says. "Well that's a lie – I only killed 8!" Rebekah protests. They each agree to undertake the next part of their plan. For Klaus, this means getting Gay Best Friend to drain all the vervain-tainted blood out of one of Marcel's henchvamps. It's going a bit more slowly than Klaus would like because GBF is just sort of halfheartedly stabbing the henchvamp with a little knife. Klaus demonstrates a much more efficient method, which is to skewer the guy repeatedly with a pitchfork.

Rebekah's part of the plan has her meeting Sophie Deveraux outside the voodoo shop. Beks explains that Hayley was attacked by Marcel's vampires after venturing out only to visit the shop. They go inside to confront the proprietress, a witch named Katie. Rebekah moves to violence pretty much immediately, much to Sophie's dismay. Katie confesses that she told someone about Hayley. "But you don't understand – I love him," she says. Oh, well, that makes it totally fine! Beks throws her to the floor. "Who is this vampire Romeo of yours?" she asks, with her pointy heel at Katie's throat.

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