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The Long Con

Moments later, Klaus gets a call from his sister. "She's in love with someone in Marcel's inner circle," Rebekah says. "Guess who it is?" Klaus lights up like a Christmas tree as he guesses, "Right-hand man type, favors silly caps?" Bingo! Klaus could not be more thrilled.

Rebekah brings Sophie to the plantation to go over the plan. "We need you to perform a teeny, tiny locator spell to find our brother," she says. "Witches who practice magic in this town get caught," Sophie reminds them, "and they get killed." Klaus brings up Marcel's secret weapon, the magical witch-detector Davina. Sophie knows about her, but opted not to tell Klaus about her when they made their deal. Rebekah "suggests" they get Katie to perform much more powerful magic in order to distract Davina, while Sophie works the locator spell. They're just guessing that it works that way, right? Sophie doesn't want to sacrifice Katie, until Klaus points out that it was probably traitorous Katie who also gave up Sophie's sister.

Klaus returns to Marcel's courtyard to plant a few seeds of doubt. Nonetheless, Marcel's faith in Newsie remains strong. "Besides, he's not gonna do anything to jeopardize what we're doing here," he says. "Still, you don't want the witches to get too bold," Klaus says, "given that a witch's tip about a werewolf led to the disappearance of your nightwalkers." Marcel thinks it over, then tells Newsie to take some nightwalkers to teach the witches a lesson.

Rebekah drops by Rousseau's to have a drink and chat with bartender Camille. For some reason, she prefers to go by Cami. They talk about boys and bad boys, and bad relationships with boys... Rebekah invites her to Marcel's party, without telling her that it's Marcel's party. She doesn't even have to compel her into accepting, even though, as far as Cami remembers, they've never met until now.

Afterward, Rebekah calls Klaus to tell him she's ensured that Marcel will be distracted during the party. "What are you doing to ensure Elijah's safe return?" she asks. "Currently, I'm preparing insurance against the tenderhearted." He explains this will motivate Katie to perform a powerful spell. It might have been better without the explanation. This kind of negated some of the surprise. Klaus's "insurance plan" looks like a few pages out of a very old book.

While a handful of henchvamps play at being vandals in the streets, Newsie ducks into the voodoo shop to smooch it up with Katie. "What's happening out there?" she asks. "It's Klaus," Newsie says. "He's convinced Marcel that the witches are planning to make a move against him." He knocks over a few displays while making apologetic faces at his girlfriend. He doesn't want it to look like he's playing favorites. Klaus gives us the whole play-by-play, which isn't in the least bit necessary. We can see these things happening. After Newsie kisses Katie goodbye, Klaus's freshly drained vampire shows up to do his part. Under Klaus's compulsion, he bites Katie. He doesn't kill her, but it's enough to send Newsie into a murderous rage. Klaus reminds us that killing another vampire is unforgivable. Now Katie will be forced to use magic to save her boyfriend from Marcel's punishment.

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