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The Long Con

Hayley, left behind at the plantation, wanders out to the pool. She hears something rustling in the bushes and sees a wolf. The wolf grunts at her. Hayley just kind of... stares blankly at it. Presumably this is a legit wolf and not a werewolf, although what is an actual wolf doing wandering around New Orleans? "You're not supposed to be out here," a woman says behind her. It's Sabine, one of the witches. She's been sent to keep Hayley company while everyone is out. "It's drawn to you," Sabine says of the wolf. Well, one would hope. Sabine offers to help Hayley figure out if the baby is a boy or girl, without using magic. Did she bring an ultrasound machine with her?

Party. Rebekah and Klaus look miserable while Cami and Marcel dance happily together. The new lovebirds are just about to kiss when a henchvamp arrives to whisper some bad news in his boss's ear. Marcel gives an absolutely seething look at Newsie, who's standing across the room and making scared puppy eyes. Cami is disturbed when Marcel leaves her side to go grab Newsie by the throat. The henchvamp reminds them they're kind of doing this in plain view, so they take the confrontation elsewhere.

Lafayette Cemetery. Katie and Sophie prepare the locator spell. Davina picks up on it as visions in her sleep. "Marcel, something's coming," she whispers. She scampers out of bed and begins drawing something on her sketchpad.

Marcel and Newsie have moved their private discussion to the verandah, one level up from the party and still in plain view of all the attendees. They could move, like, two feet over behind the privacy of the wall, but then Cami wouldn't be able to see the whole thing. Newsie tries to explain his actions to Marcel, but his sire is a stickler for rules. Just when it seems Marcel might be softening a bit, Gay Best Friend shows up with Klaus's "insurance policy." "We found this at his girl's place," he says. It's a spell to create more daywalker rings, and Marcel normally keeps it under lock and key. "Marcel, I've never seen that," Newsie protests. After a few moments of a tormented inner debate, Marcel sentences to 100 years of imprisonment. Downstairs, Klaus watches the exchange with almost gustatory satisfaction.

Rebekah joins Sophie in the cemetery as she gets ready to undertake the spell. At the same time, Katie is storming into the French Quarter. As Marcel and his gang walk Newsie into the street, Katie is there to greet them with exploding streetlamps and supernaturally blowing winds. Davina keeps sketching and sketching. Like she couldn't pick up a cell phone and give Marcel a heads up? Katie blasts the vampires with debilitating migraines. Whatever she does to Marcel, Davina also feels. They appear to be magically linked. Just as Katie prepares to stake Marcel, Klaus speeds behind her and snaps her neck. In the cemetery, Sophie senses that Katie's magic has come to an end. Rebekah scatters Sophie's spell materials. She wants to get Elijah back, but if Sophie dies for the sin of magic, then Hayley, also linked to her, dies, too.

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