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The Long Con

Rebekah joins Sophie in the cemetery as she gets ready to undertake the spell. At the same time, Katie is storming into the French Quarter. As Marcel and his gang walk Newsie into the street, Katie is there to greet them with exploding streetlamps and supernaturally blowing winds. Davina keeps sketching and sketching. Like she couldn't pick up a cell phone and give Marcel a heads up? Katie blasts the vampires with debilitating migraines. Whatever she does to Marcel, Davina also feels. They appear to be magically linked. Just as Katie prepares to stake Marcel, Klaus speeds behind her and snaps her neck. In the cemetery, Sophie senses that Katie's magic has come to an end. Rebekah scatters Sophie's spell materials. She wants to get Elijah back, but if Sophie dies for the sin of magic, then Hayley, also linked to her, dies, too.

Poor Newsie, grieving for his dead girlfriend, he's chained up in a catacomb. "Was she worth it?" Marcel asks. "I loved her," Newsie says. Marcel orders his resident bricklayer to seal up his progeny, still alive, for the next 100 years. The chamber is full of other partially buried vampires who've crossed Marcel, in varying stages of living decay. Fantastically creepy.

Klaus and Marcel have drinks on the verandah now that the party's over. "How much did Cami see?" Marcel asks. "She just saw an argument," Klaus says. "It's nothing you can't fix." Marcel is so thankful to Klaus for saving him that he agrees to return Elijah. Klaus makes a very convincing surprised face.

Later, he seeks Cami out at the pub. She's disappointed that Marcel appears to be scary and violent, and Klaus is disappointed that she seems to genuinely like Marcel. There's some sparks between Cami and Klaus, and for a moment it looks like they might kiss. Man, if she thought she was a bad judge of character before... But Klaus puts the brakes on. "I'm sorry, but I need you to give Marcel another chance," he says. "Wow, I totally misread that," she says. "No, you read it quite well," he tells her. "But we all have our roles to play." He compels her into forgetting the worst parts of the evening.

When Klaus returns home that night and tells Rebekah he's the one who killed Katie, she is both furious and somehow surprised. Klaus didn't stick to the plan? Shocking! He explains that they can't trust the witches. "All they want is Davina, and once they have her, what do you think happens then?" he asks. "They will use Davina's power against all of us!" But Rebekah's not concerned about the future just now. "The plan was to find Elijah, and you failed us," she reminds him. Au contraire, petite soeur! Klaus says Marcel will be returning Elijah. Eventually, Klaus thinks, he will also have Davina for himself.

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