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The Long Con

When Marcel finally checks on Davina, she throws herself into his arms with relief. "I was so worried," she mewls. "Whatever you did, it helped me," he says. What did she do, exactly? Also, she looks distractingly like a young Katie Holmes. Davina refuses to give up Elijah. "You said the old ones were dangerous," she reminds him. "I won't give him back until I know how to kill them." Marcel looks like he doesn't want to argue with her. Like, ever. She is totally the boss here.

Klaus finds Hayley in his office, looking up something on the computer. "I thought you'd like to know, Elijah is returning to us," he says. She tries not to explode with happiness. Klaus feels a little stung that Hayley likes Elijah so much. "What is it about my brother that always inspires so much instant admiration?" he wonders. "He was kind to me," she says. Klaus starts to walk away so he can have himself a good cry in private, but Hayley calls him back. "I learned something today," she says. "I think it's a girl." He doesn't say anything, but he smiles where she can't see him. The kid is totally Davina somehow, right? Klaus's magical werewolf nuts somehow produced a time-traveling hybrid witch baby. Hell, if they came back to life after being dead for a thousand years, they can do anything.

Denouement. Rebecca has a sad encounter with Marcel in the Quarter, where she's reminded that he's moved on from her. In the cemetery, the witches gather to bury Katie. Agnes is worried about what the future holes. "Sabine, tell them what you saw," she says. She flashes back to dangling a crystal over Hayley's belly. (It's a version of an old superstition used to determine a baby's sex.) Suddenly, the crystal glows and Sabine starts speaking some foreign language beyond her control. In Klaus's office, Hayley is trying to determine just what Sabine was saying. "Nos omnia perdetu el eam." Instead of letting the translation site detect the language automatically, Hayley tries Croatian, Bulgarian... She even tries Galician, for crying out loud. All come up blank. Perhaps she should have tried Latin, which very nearly comes out to "we all lose to her." It sounds pretty ominous, but even regular babies are kind of ominous, aren't they?

Tippi Blevins dressed up as a recapper for this masquerade ball. You can find her at, or on Twitter: @TippiB.

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