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Ozzy shows Jack the keyboard. Jack smiles and asks what the dials are for. "Fuck if I know," Ozzy says. Jack plays that famous tune. "Ironman," I think. (I think. Don't email!) Ozzy gets all excited and sings the tune. Jack says it's like a Kubrick film. Ozzy is very jumpy and weird.

Ozzy and Body By Jake sit on the couch watching TV. It's totally fake, but they make it look like they're watching a chef show about making cheesecake -- it's really just something else, but they superimposed this over it. Whatever. Even the maids and cooks stop to watch. Body By Jake is smiling. They both laugh. "That's amazing!" says Ozzy. They clap.

Next time -- on the last episode -- Jack asks Ozzy if he's ever been sleepwalking and gotten violent. "No," says Ozzy. Jack says it happened to him. We see spy-cam footage of Jack walking in his underwear in his room all crazy. Jack asks Kelly if Burt "engaged" her. Jack yells that Burt proposed to Kelly and then calls him a "scumbag." "Scumbag!" Robert repeats. Kelly says that it doesn't look like Burt is going anywhere anytime soon, so Jack might as well be nice. Sharon says something she's said often, but this time it's to her own daughter. She says that she honestly thinks she should get herself another manager. Ooh. Jack calls Ozzy. "Dad. I did something fucked-up." More footage of Jack sleepwalking. Sharon screams, hiding her face as Ozzy stands by helpless. And that's it! One more! See ya!

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