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A Flea In Her Ear

Kelly tells Sharon that she's going to tell her something that will make her go, "See! See!" Kelly says how she forgot about the nose ring and saw it out of the corner of her eye and flicked it, thinking it was a bug. Sharon says that it looks like a blackhead. Kelly again says she's getting hoop and a chain. Sharon says she's going to throw up.

Dogs scratching. A dog pulls a string out from the couch. Ozzy sits with a two-liter of Pepsi, yelling, as a dog chews on a stone column.

Next time on...Ozzy works out. Trainer says that tomorrow is a big day. Ozzy says they're running five miles. Wow. I couldn't drive five miles. Running. Around a track. The trainer says that this is a "benchmark" -- Ozzy running five miles on his fifty-fourth birthday. Man. That is pretty incredible. Especially for a guy who can't get out of the couch. Birthday party. Cake. Cheers. Fireworks. More running. Ozzy says you should run because they can't hit a moving target that way. Ozzy throws a leg over the banister in the house to stretch. "I'm stuck," he says.

And that's it. See ya!

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