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Kelly Whines. Ozzy Wines.

Next week. Some hairy, scruffy dude is at the house. Jack explains that his friend Jason Something broke up with his girlfriend, then was staying at a house and got kicked out, and now is staying there with him. Jason burps. Burps. Burps. Ozzy camera-talks that he doesn't know where Jason came from or how Jack met him. Jack explains that he's a professional skater. The dude does tricks with a wheel-less deck. "I'm a fucking pro skateboarder, Sharon. Don't talk down to me," Jason says, fucking with some bread in the kitchen. Ooh, man. They're going to find your body floating near the Santa Monica pier soon, dude. Ozzy imitates how he walks around scratching his head all the time. (We see this.) Ozzy bitches that the couch was moving and someone said, "It's Jason," and he said, "Jason who? Who the fuck is Jason?" Jason grabs Kelly's neck and she yells. Then in Jack's room, Sharon finds a half-empty Jack Daniels bottle and she says she's going to take a piss in it. Kelly bitches, "Don't you dare, Mom!" as Sharon disappears into the bathroom. Hee.

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