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More Anal Rape Than Oz

Sharon sits with a maid and Kelly, talking about Gus and Arthur. Gus apparently shit twice in the kitchen after the rape, and the maid says it's impossible. They discuss it for a while; the maid thinks he just "went through the motions" of humping. Arthur comes over, and Sharon pets him on his stomach, talking about his "big willie." Ew. She says he needs a night with Anna Nicole. Heh.

Montage of humping. Arthur humps everything. Other dogs hump. Ozzy yells at Arthur humping the cat again. Melinda says she's going to get an apartment and take Chicken away from all this madness. Yeah, right. Like she's ever going to move out.

Next time. Sharon says that it would be cool if Kelly went out with Puff Daddy. We see a shot of them together. Sharon would be Puff Daddy's mother-in-law. Wow, that would not work at all. Kelly is going to New York. Montage of Kelly yelling at people. She says she needs a fucking break. She slaps at Bad Nanny and then yells at Ozzy and slams the door and screams! Ozzy puts his head in his hands and says she's fucking nuts. Quick shot of Kelly laughing maniacally in the limo. And that's it! Wow, I need a shower after all that. See ya!

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