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Trouble In Paradise

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Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

Now Ozzy and Sharon sit on the couch, and Sharon says that Kelly came to her and said that she's been thinking, and a lot of her friends she's not going to see anymore. Ozzy says that's Kelly, but what about Jack. Silence.

Montage of Jack at the clubs. DJ-ing. Dancing. It's 12:40 AM, and Jack orders a pizza. Heeeeeeee. Disco. Roxy. Smiling. Over.

Next week. Ozzy says that he shouldn't be drinking alcohol, period. Ozzy drinks alcohol. Ooooooooh! Lola eats. Ozzy yells at Jack that he'll take the dog on a fucking walk. Sharon tells Jack that Ozzy is "stoned." Ozzy stumbles down the street with Lola, saying, "Ah, fuck off!" Hee. Awesome! Now Ozzy rides a Lark Electric old-lady scooter backstage. Ozzy tells us he has to get back on the road. Kelly tells us that it really pisses her off that "Dad" didn't want them to come on the road with him. Ozzy reads a magazine on the floor by the toilet. Ozzy gets off a bus. It's Ozzy's birthday, and they've flown out to surprise him. Kelly brats that he's a "bastard" if he doesn't want them there. Sharon gets upset at that. (At that? Man, she is protective.) Jack yells at Kelly too. And that's it!

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